Dry Erase Paint

Today’s hottest businesses are those that are focused wholly on efficiency, communication, and teamwork. Many of these businesses have taken the concept of a dry-erase board and applied it broadly to their commercial office space so that teams can communicate more effectively, take notes wherever they are, and brainstorm in the open.  Just about any commercial office space can be transformed using this same philosophy and a little bit of dry-erase board paint. 

Dry Erase Paint for Meeting Rooms

Most offices have a dry erase board firmly mounted to one wall of the meeting room where presentations take place. Unfortunately, framed dry erase boards are quite costly, and they only offer limited space. This leads to erasing and re-writing repeatedly during a single meeting. Instead, dry erase paint offers a better solution. You can paint all four walls of the meeting space using this paint so that you can give your presentation from anywhere in the room and never run out of usable space. 

Dry Erase Work Tables

If more than one person will be adding to the whiteboard in a collaborative way, you may find that dry erase work tables are the way to go. Ditch the paper notes, and paint your conference tables with dry erase paint instead. This way, your whole team can put their heads together and draw directly on a flat surface between them. This is also a good way to encourage more teamwork and allow people to write down questions for the whole group to see without disrupting a presentation. 

Break Rooms and Hallways

It’s a fact of office life that not all business takes place in designated spaces. Rather, many problems get solved during hallway conversations, quick coffee breaks, and in many other in-between spaces of your commercial office. By turning these spaces into viable work stations with dry erase paint, you can facilitate these quick problem-solving sessions and ensure that everyone is on the same page before they head back to their own offices. 

What You Need to Know

Now that you have seen a few of the ways that dry erase paint could be used in your commercial office space, there are a few things you need to consider before you begin painting. First, dry erase paint is best used on perfectly smooth surfaces. If your office walls are textured, it can take some work to properly prep and smooth a wall down before applying this paint. In addition, there are both colored and clear dry erase paints. You can get solid white dry erase paint that will go directly over the surface and provide you with a plain white background. However, if you want to keep your colorful office space, you can apply clear dry erase paint over any paint color you choose. Just remember that some background colors may impact the visibility of the markers you are writing with. Nevertheless, this can be a great choice if you have a brand aesthetic that is important to your commercial office space. 

Dry erase paint is an excellent way to amp up your team’s productivity by simply changing the work environment to make it more collaborative. By turning your walls and tables into dry erase surfaces, you can ensure that work will get done no matter where a meeting takes place. You will also find that information flows easier when it is written on the walls for all to see. The key to dry erase paint is having properly prepped surfaces and a team who can apply the paint evenly so that it will dry in smooth layers for writing on. To learn more, about how you can transform your commercial space, contact us today. 

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