There’s no greater peace of mind than knowing that any problems that may occur as a result of substandard workmanship or wrong material selection will be fixed by the painter free of charge. One way to achieve all these is to ensure that the contractor you intend to hire provides a paint warranty. Most professional painters in Florida offer a one- or two-year warranty to cover any issues associated with the paint jobs they complete, which is usually enough considering that defects show up within the fist year after project completion.


Paint Manufacturer versus Painter Warranty

After hiring a painter, you’re dependent on his knowledge, skill, and experience. If you’re concerned about whether or not a paint warranty is available, you can put your worries to rest, as such a warranty does exist. Under Florida law, every licensed contractor must guarantee that the job performed complies with the local building codes. But there are a few more things you need to know.

If a painter only offers the warranty provided by the paint manufacturer, the contract you can’t wait to sign is quite useless, as it only covers the defects caused by a potentially faulty product. Furthermore, the warranty will be voided if the painter fails to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations relating to paint compatibility, ambient conditions, and painting techniques. Assuming that your paint job fails due to poor surface preparation, you’ll have to pay extra to get remedial work done. Now, as a homeowner, you probably want a warranty that covers everything, from the materials used to defects in workmanship. How can you get such a warranty?

The first thing you need to do is to look for a reliable house painter, who takes the responsibility for the work he does. While it’s completely unreasonable to expect a painter to guarantee exceptional results irrespective of weather, for instance, he should provide a minimum warranty that covers certain defects, such as paint cracking, blistering, or peeling. 

Additionally, the contactor should offer you information about the paints and coatings he intends to use. If the painter uses the best products and complies with the manufacturers’ requirements, you can rest assured knowing that your investment will be well protected long after the job has been completed.   

The “Mirage” of Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty may sound tempting. However, keep in mind that a reputable contractor will never offer a lifetime warranty for a paint job that lasts between 5 and 10 years. To be completely honest, paint will deteriorate and fail, regardless of how knowledgeable and experienced a painter is, what materials he uses, and what paint application techniques he follows. But while a real professional is honest enough to offer a two-year warranty, unscrupulous contractors will try to attract people with lifetime warranties, though they have no intention to honor their promises.

Another important point is to check what exactly the contractor excludes from the paint warranty he provides. Usually, any damage caused after project completion (e.g. mechanical damage, abrasive cleaning, use of harsh chemicals, etc.), any products you specifically require him to use, work that isn’t performed by the contractor, and any other factors (e.g. normal wear and tear, future structural problems, and extreme weather conditions) that may cause a paint job to fail won’t be covered by the warranty.

A “transparent” paint warranty should clearly specify what it does and doesn’t cover. If the warranty isn’t clear and easy to understand, you should ask for clarification so that you know exactly what to expect if a specific problem occurs.

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