Trending Colors 2014There has been a mix of opinions when it comes to what will be the “hot” colors for 2014. The paint manufactures have noted everything from bold to natural hues to declaring shades of white are making a comeback. We decided to do our own research and learn what appears to be the current trends.

In all sorts of fashion, grey is a common request. It is a neutral that goes with anything!! Bolder designers use its sister color, silver. Grey of all shades can make for a great backdrop, it can darken or lighten a room depending on the style and shade of grey you choose.

When it comes to bedrooms blues and greens are still a big hit. Now more than ever you have a grand scale of shades of these popular colors. We find ourselves painting many bedrooms and bathrooms these popular colors as blues and greens depict tranquility, nature, and crispness.

Another “hot” color that we think will be popular is yellow and not just any yellow, but mustard yellow. You would think we would mainly see this in kitchens–after all, yellow is supposed to make you hungry, but in all reality, we see this daring color being used as accent walls.

However, as we always tell our customers, it doesn’t matter what is trending or what HGTV may say your walls need. In the end, all that matters is what you feel are the best colors for you.

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