Waterproofing your home or office building is essential for preventing the costly, unsightly, and sometimes dangerous damage caused by the permeation of moisture in interior and exterior surfaces. It’s especially important here in the great state of Florida, where heat and humidity are rampant. Mold and mildew flourish in this kind of high moisture environment and can destroy foundations, trim, drywall, and decks. This deterioration is not only unattractive, but also a health and safety hazard. Rotting decks can collapse and cause injuries and mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. This kind of damage also significantly lowers the value of your property.

Wood, stucco, and concrete buildings are all at risk for structural damage caused by rain, flooding, or humidityimg_2560 and should all be waterproofed as a preventative measure. Stucco and concrete can be difficult to paint or repair without waterproofing because of their high moisture makeup, and painting improperly sealed concrete or stucco can result in poor paint adherence and cracking. On top of the shoddy appearance of the exterior, this also leads to additional moisture buildup in the interior that can wreak havoc on the walls and contents inside. Old or insufficient sealants and caulking are a major factor leading to moisture damage in buildings, so it’s imperative to maintain these things properly. Repairing these damages can be very expensive and time consuming, and it’s much more affordable and easier to prevent, than to fix. Save yourself the money and hassle in the long run by waterproofing your home or business before any water destruction occurs!

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