IMG_20181210_140833Now that the weather is getting cooler, it’s an excellent time to start preparing for the rainy season that is ahead of us. Part of that preparations is care for your roof.

If you are dealing with a commercial business that is in need of any roof maintenance, it’s important to not delay any repairs. If you keep putting your roof repairs off, then you can end up having to replace the roof entirely. 

Types of Roofing

Did you know that there are various types of roofing that can be painted on other than aluminum and metal? You can paint over roof surfaces like asphalt shingles, tiles (glazed or unglazed), slate or wood shakes, composite pieces, secured grits / concrete, and block too. 

Although aluminum and metal roofs are painted most commonly, you can paint other forms of roofing materials as well, and the painting company of your choice will be able to assist you.

Things to Consider

Commercial painters can determine if your roof’s substrate is suitable for coating, or if something else should be considered in its place. Some of the things to consider include:

Type of Roof – This is one of the most important things that you will need to know before anything else, as it can dictate what can or cannot be done. This will also determine what kind of paint should be used on your substrate.

Surface Cleaning – Before anything is done, the roof should be thoroughly cleaned. This can take a while, primarily if the commercial structure is located under any trees or if there are a large number of pollutants within the air.

The Condition of Substrate – If there is any damage to the surface, it will need to be evaluated and repaired if possible. If any of the surfaces are too damaged, then a replacement will more than likely be the solution.

Inspection of Connective Hardware –Before any paint is applied to the surface of the substrate, it is essential that all hardware such as mounting screws, nails, or any other form of bonding is inspected. If there is anything that is loose or needs to be replaced, now is the time to get it done.

Layers of Existing Paint – In some cases your commercial roof might have had multiple coatings added through the years. If this is the case, as many layers need to be taken off as possible before adding any new layers. If the build-up is too severe, then those surfaces might have to be replaced. This is to ensure that the paint will be able to bond securely with the existing layers.

The Color of Paint – If you already have a specific color that must be used for your commercial business (for branding purposes), then you will not have to deliberate on color choices. Otherwise, research on the best colors for reflecting light or heat may be beneficial. 

Some businesses want to have their roofs coated so that it cuts down on the amount of heat that the substrate takes in. When this is the purpose, a reflective paint is applied.

This is where a professional commercial painter can help, as they will know what is the best choice for your property and location. 

Depending on the kind of roof that you need painted, the color(s) can be limited. Once you deduce what kind of coating will be the best option for your roof, you can see what colors and brands are available for the project. 

If you are thinking about or needing to get your commercial roof painted, don’t wait until it ‘s too late. Get it inspected today and see what a difference a fresh coat of paint can do.

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