The Benefits of Powder Coatings in Industrial Painting-1

Powder coating is a fascinating process that provides numerous benefits for the finished surface. In industrial painting applications, powder coating is widely used to protect surfaces and ensure a pristine finish that cannot be achieved with regular paints. Here are some of the reasons that powder coating is so popular today:

Painted surfaces can be easily scratched or damaged in any environment. By contrast, powder coating uses a thick resin as it’s base, which protects the surface even in the event of a minor scratch. The powder coating is less likely to flake or tear away from the underlying metal because of how it is bonded to the material during the application process. In addition, powder coated surfaces are not subject to the same type of fading that regular paint experiences when left in the sun or out in the weather.

Color Selection

Mixing paints and matching colors can be a difficult process. Thanks to the unique powdered formula that is used in powder coating, there are nearly limitless color and finish options. Whether you want a glossy pink or a satin white, powder coating facilities offer the widest range of colors you can find anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly

Liquid paints create waste and overspray, all of which contains harmful solvents. These solvents turn into airborne particles that are bad for your health and the environment in general. Powder coating uses an electrostatic charge to contain the powdered color and hold it tight to the metal you are finishing. Any waste can be quickly swept up without being released into the air. There are far fewer concerns with filtration and disposal when it comes to powder coating materials.

Fast Application

Because powder coating creates a single solid surface that is fused together, the coating itself can be applied all at once. All your technician needs to do is thoroughly cover the target surface, and then send the piece through the curing oven one time. This melts the resin and creates a strong and durable bond in just a few minutes. There is no need for multiple coats, long dry times, or sanding. If you need industrial products finished quickly with minimal chance for imperfections, powder coating is the way to go.

Cost Effective

For industrial companies, the cost of powder coating is another major bonus. In general, the powder used in these applications is less expensive than wet paint. It is subject to fewer regulations, and there are fewer costs associated with manufacturing the powder in the first place. On top of the cost of the raw materials, you must consider the fact that the application is streamlined in a way that drastically cuts labor expenses as well. You can save money at every turn when you use powder coating.

Minimal Maintenance

With wet painted surfaces, there is a system of keeping the paint looking new which usually involves waxing, buffing, special solvents and so much more. Again, all of these chemicals add to the environmental instability of traditional paint. By contrast, powder coated surfaces are perfectly sealed and bonded so that all you have to do is quickly wipe them down with soap and water. The surface is extremely durable so you don’t have to worry about micro-scratches that could mar a traditional painted panel.

These are the top reasons that industrial application of powder coating is so important today. It serves numerous purposes internally and externally, allowing you to save time and money, while also taking advantage of the highest quality finish available on the market. To learn more, contact Performance Painting today and ask about our powder coating services.

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