picture-003-847932-editedHaving painting work done at your business can be expensive – it is a tempting area to try and cut corners to make savings. But in the long term, hiring a commercial painting professional can save you money – and time. Today we’ve put together a list of four key areas to consider if you’re thinking of “cheaping out” when it comes to your commercial painting work – our aim is to show you that hiring a professional painting and high performance contractor really pays.

Health and safety

Commercial painting crews are trained not only in the best techniques for preparing surfaces and applying paints, but in the current industry standards for keeping themselves and everyone else on the job site safe. This includes proper use and installation of scaffolds and ladders as well as handling solvents and other chemicals. The health and safety credentials of commercial painting professionals are especially valuable for businesses in buildings constructed before 1978, where lead paint may still be lurking.

Plenty of business owners think that throwing a barbecue over the weekend and getting a few of the guys from the office who are “handy” to join forces and paint the shop is a great idea – and it can be. However, commercial painting professionals are well versed in the different prep approaches that are required for different surfaces around your site. This ranges from treating areas where mildew exists or has potential to thrive to choosing the right primer for metallic surfaces. Failing to really understand the requirements of a job at the start will lead to a shortened lifespan for the finished paint work – and nobody has time for that.

Keeping it clean and tidy

Painting is a messy job – but that doesn’t mean your business has to be covered in drop cloths or spatter for weeks to come. A great commercial paint contractor will have the experience to know how to do even the most intricate painting work for your business without creating a messy disruption. Similarly, taking the time to seek out a qualified commercial paint contractor will provide you with immediate relief from one of the biggest headaches associated with paint work – disposal of the debris. From used buckets and rollers to half-spent paint containers, and that hazmat-worthy lead dust, great professional paint crews have a plan to handle all the messy necessities of commercial painting work, without the hassle.

No substitute for excellence

Your business strives for excellence at every turn so it makes sense that you would seek out the best commercial painting contractor you can find. A licensed, insured and bonded painting contractor will be able to not only provide you with an excellent paint job, but help you make key decisions along the way to maximize your investment in commercial painting. Having the assurance of a firm timeline for your project instead of relying on Larry from accounts to “get the guys together” keeps your staff safely at their desks doing what they do best.

If you’re ready to take the next step and contact a firm of commercial painting experts for help with paint work at your business, call us today for a consultation.

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