Casablanca Towers is an eight story condominium complex nestled into the Southside of downtown St. Petersburg. The 8-story building was in need of updates to the east façade of the towers and the parking garage, as well as the trellis, which hangs above the main entrance of the building.

Casablanca_Towers-4648.jpgFor the east façade of Casablanca Towers, the corridor walls and ceilings needed to be painted. All of the areas
 outside of the of the corridors needed to have all sealants removed and replaced. All of the top handrails were prepped and painted as on all floors of the breezeway.

To complete the stucco walls, the Tampa crew first applied a coat of Sherwin Williams Loxon Conditioner. We chose this conditioner due to its ability to penetrate and seal a chalky surface and have paint bond to it. Once the conditioner was given the time cured, a full coat of Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic was painted onto the stucco surfaces. This acrylic provides more durability and a thicker coat with excellent protection from cracking, peeling and blistering.

When it was time to paint the handrails, all the surfaces were cleaned of dirt and prepped for painting. Each handrail received two coats of Sherwin Williams Industrial
Enamel to match the existing sheen and color. This all-purpose enamel was the best choice for a large project since it is able to dry fast and is resistant to chipping and flaking. The high gloss enamel also makes it resistant Casablanca_Towers-4647.jpgto any dirt. This ensures that the Casablanca Towers handrails will stay pristine longer.

The replacement sealant in the areas outside of the east corridors was applied using Sherwin Williams Loxon Commercial Joint Sealant. This super adhesive sealant was applied at the appropriate width using bond breaker tape or a backer rod to prevent the possibility of a 3-point bond while sealing. This technique would ensure that the sealant’s bond would remain strong with little chance of cracking or breaking.

Casablanca_Towers-4654.jpgThe final part of the Casablanca Towers project involved repainting the PVC pipes and metal fire sprinkler pipe in the parking garage. The PVC piping was painted using Sherwin Williams Multi-Surface Enamel. Both the primer and paint used were grey. The metal fire sprinkler piping received one coat of Kem Kromik primer. This Sherwin Williams product was ideal for the sprinkler piping as it is resistant to corrosion and rust and is very accepting to topcoat paints. Once the primer had dried, two coats of industrial enamel topcoat were applied in safety red.

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