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According to the IRS, a business expense can be deducted as long as it’s “necessary” and “ordinary.”

While “ordinary” expenses define expenditures for items or services that are common in your field of business, “necessary” expenses reflect all the costs for things appropriate or helpful in running your trade.

Although many repairs and improvements can be either deducted or capitalized, their classification depends on different facts and circumstances.

In general, the cost of commercial painting projects—which involve painting commercial structures that are already functional and capitalized—is a deductible business expense. That’s because under the capitalization rules, painting is considered routine maintenance and not an improvement.

On the other hand, if painting is part of a complex remodeling project that adds to the value of a commercial property or adapts it for a different use, all the expenses associated must be capitalized.

That being said, painting is one of the largest maintenance costs a business can write off. This means that all the costs for labor, materials, tools and everything else it takes to complete exterior or interior commercial painting projects are deductible.

Going Beyond Deductibility

You probably feel relieved to know that you can deduct the cost of painting your business.

However, another aspect you need to consider in order to ensure the success of your project is the difference experienced commercial paint contractors can make in large-scale commercial painting projects.

Whether a project involves painting a restaurant, shop, public space, hotel, medical complex, hospital, football stadium or an airport, dedicated and experienced commercial painting crews are definitely the go-to guys.

That’s mostly because a company specializing in commercial painting is able to take care of different aspects relating to large-scale projects. Typically, commercial paint contractors can help with color consulting, material selection, specifications, project scheduling and management, and preventative maintenance once the project is completed.

A commercial painting company also has the necessary infrastructure, human resources, tools, technical equipment and systems in place to work tight schedules and complete complex projects in record time.

Since commercial painting crews are licensed, certified and continuously trained, they’re able to correctly address the ins and outs of commercial painting projects.

Additionally, hiring professionals is the most effective way to ensure that all the tasks will be carried out to meet the safety regulations along with the specifications required and the highest quality standards.

Commercial painting companies also have specialists in different fields, so they usually offer a wide range of services. Performance Painting Contractors, for instance, can undertake any painting project, whether or not it includes:

  • interior or exterior painting;
  • pressure washing;
  • waterproofing;
  • drywall, stucco, brick, concrete, metal or wood preparation and painting;
  • rotten wood replacement, restoration, staining and/or sealing;
  • metal restoration and painting;
  • specialty coatings application.

If you’re looking for commercial painting contractors in Tampa, Jacksonville or neighboring locations in north-east-central Florida, Performance Painting Contractors is ready to offer professionalism, fast response to your concerns, superior workmanship, high-quality materials, innovative technologies, full workplace insurance and timely job completion. For a free painting estimate or expert advice, please call our friendly staff today!

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