basement_floor.jpgFloor waterproofing coatings hold a series of benefits over exposed concrete and other types of floors, such as laminate, vinyl and tile flooring. When installed correctly, a floor waterproofing system will keep your commercial basement dry, your building safe and your employees healthy.

If you’re still not convinced that waterproofing your basement floors is extremely important, we invite you to read the following points which explain in detail why applying such a coating to your floors is a good idea.

An Effective Waterproofing Solution
Bonded directly to the concrete slab, waterproofing coatings seal concrete floors, transforming them into non-porous surfaces. In addition, these coatings act as barriers not only against accidental spills, which can contaminate and deteriorate the slab, but also against existing residual moisture, preventing it from rising to the surface and causing a series of problems like musty smell, mold growth, and wall and structural damage. Since trapped water is typically not apparent until it’s too late, it can cause structural damage without you knowing it. At that point, solving the problem implies extensive remedial work and additional costs.

To prevent coating deterioration usually caused by the excess moisture traveling through the concrete base, specialists install waterproof membranes underneath the slab. These membranes stop residual moisture from accumulating in the slab, allowing it to dry completely before the installation of the final floor finish.

Durable Flooring Surface
Once the coating is dry, it delivers a durable, hard-wearing flooring surface which is highly resistant to thermal shock, chemical attack and mechanical stresses like impact and abrasion. In addition, a series of self-leveling epoxy flooring products have been developed to facilitate applications directly over new or old, defect-free or slightly damaged concrete floors (e.g. hairline cracks, scaling, etc.) to create a smooth, perfect surface very easy to maintain.

Waterproofing can also help you ensure the safety of your employees and building. Specialty floor coatings like epoxy systems are resistant to slippage without being abrasive like other non-slip floor finishes. Enhanced with antifungal agents, these systems also prevent mold growth, which is a very serious issue that can take a toll on both your building and your staff’s health. In addition, some waterproof epoxy coatings employ fire retardants, making your basement floor both waterproof and fireproof.

Aesthetic Considerations
Concrete floors can make your commercial basement look unfinished. On the other hand, painting the floor will make a huge difference in the way your basement looks and feels. Waterproof epoxy systems are available in an array of colors you can use to create various decorative patterns that will enliven the entire area, cheer up your staff and even boost productivity.

In conclusion, waterproofing concrete flooring can solve many challenges in commercial spaces, basements and showrooms. Thanks to their excellent adhesion, chemical- and heat-resistance properties, waterproof floor coatings are appropriate for a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

At Performance Painting, we offer professional epoxy flooring selection and application services. Using high-quality epoxy systems from leading manufacturers and state-of-the-art technologies, our professional installers can proficiently prepare your floors and install the right waterproofing system to deliver the best possible results and the lowest lifecycle cost. If you’re looking for a high-performance, long-lasting flooring solution for your residential, commercial or space, give us a call at (904)-641-4800.

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