A good first impression can help a business attract and retain customers. How can you make a great first impression?

Save_Time__MoneyTo begin with, not everything about your business’s image can be controlled with marketing. Yes, marketing is important, but so is your facility’s exterior and interior design, as it will determine whether or not people feel comfortable coming inside.   

That being said, the colors in which you paint your walls must reflect your company’s professionalism. Since there are multiple color combinations and painting techniques you can choose from, it’s time to call in the experts: commercial painters.

Saving Time and Money with a Commercial Painter

Although there are many benefits to hiring a skilled commercial painter, significant savings in time and money define the most important ones.

Unlike residential painters, commercial painting contractors have spent a lot of time learning and practicing the techniques needed to properly prepare and effectively paint commercial spaces. Thus, commercial painting contractors have both the knowledge and experience to help you choose the most appropriate materials, color scheme, and style for your facility. But how can they save you time and money? Below are several points you’ve probably never thought about.

  • Experience: Since most of these painters have already completed many commercial painting projects, they know the types and quantities of materials you need. Additionally, they’re able to offer accurate estimates and help you calculate the total cost of your project for appropriate resource allocation.
  • Technology: Commercial painting contractors use advanced technologies that ensure extraordinary quality and output standardization, which translates into achieving the same great results every time. State-of-the-art technology combined with extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise is everything you need in order to enhance the overall appearance and aesthetics of your place.
  • Consciousness: Most commercial painters are independent contractors, so they know what it takes to run a business. As a result, they’re very conscious of all the problems involved, always struggling to deliver the best outcomes not only on time, but also on budget. Most of these contractors will communicate detailed schedule information, including start and end dates, so project delays rarely occur. Additionally, they’ll try to complete projects without causing unnecessary disruptions in regular business activities.
  • Professionalism: Hiring an unprofessional painter may seem like a great idea, especially if you have a small budget. However, an unprofessional painter may cause you many troubles, wasting your time and money. In fact, many business owners who hire unprofessional painters end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on additional work. Conversely, a professional, experienced painter can help you make the most of your investment.
  • Discounts: Commercial painters often stock up on the products they need on a daily basis. Since bulk orders usually bring them significant discounts from manufacturers and vendors, most contractors pass on part of the cost savings, which can make a sizable difference in their customers’ bottom line.
  • Warranty: Many states require licensed contractors to offer warranty against defects in workmanship, which must comply with local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions. If a material hasn’t been used appropriately, for example, the painter may be held liable for the cost of damages and repairs. Based on different state laws and regulations, the warranty period varies from one year to four years.  

A professional image is something that every business must present to customers and vendors in order to gain competitive advantage. Although professionalism is typically seen as something that business people should practice, the concept stretches to all business aspects, including the way your facility looks and operates. 

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