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In addition to painting different surfaces, exterior painters are able to perform many other tasks. Restoring existing concrete structures is just one of them.

Concrete delivers one of the best building materials for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Not only is concrete durable and easy to maintain; it’s also versatile enough to take on a wide variety of finishes.

But irrespective of the finishing solutions selected, the weather conditions in Florida will eventually cause damage to concrete floors and structures.

Problems like small holes, surface crazing and spalling can lead to serious structural problems that might require partial or total replacement of damaged concrete.

To avoid commercial concrete replacement, which isn’t only expensive but can also negatively impact business activities, commercial painting contractors recommend comprehensive concrete restoration at the first signs of deterioration.

Concrete Restoration Explained by Professional Exterior Painters in Jacksonville FL

According to experts, concrete restoration can help restore the appearance and structural integrity of damaged concrete.

Typically, professional concrete restoration performed by exterior painters involves a series of steps, such as:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the area to identify damage in concrete structures (e.g. the appearance of small cracks, rust staining, etc.) and determine the root causes;
  • Pressure washing the entire area with the right cleaning products and remove loose pieces of concrete, dirt and debris;
  • Implementing adequate remedial measures and selecting the right materials for each type of damage. Today’s manufacturers provide a wide variety of polymer-modified concrete patch mixes, expansion joint sealants and epoxies for crack injection. But professional exterior painters in Jacksonville FL also use proprietary solutions because they can better withstand conditions of high relative humidity, frequent rain showers and “oppressive” heat, and therefore deliver more durable finish systems.
  • Ensuring that all the repairs performed meet project specifications, including flatness and levelness tolerances, compressive, flexural and tensile strength requirements, etc.;
  • Applying different finishing solutions, which range from resurfacing concrete with polymer-modified overlays to staining, polishing, sealing and using specialty coating systems;
  • Implementing quality control / quality assurance measures in order to guarantee the most appropriate solutions have been used.

Why You Should Hire Professional Exterior Painters in Jacksonville FL

For DIY-enthusiasts, a concrete restoration project may seem tempting.

But when it comes to commercial facilities, hiring highly trained local contractors with years of experience in repairing, resurfacing, staining, polishing, sealing concrete and applying specialty coating systems to different structures will pay off.

Not only do professional exterior painters have the requisite manpower, equipment and technologies to perform concrete restoration work; they’re also fast and efficient. Thus, they can provide high-quality work in a fraction of the time it would take an inexperienced person.

Additionally, professional painting contractors in Jacksonville, FL, can correctly assess different signs of deterioration and underlying causes. As a result, they know what measures need to be implemented in order to restore concrete and avoid premature failure.

All in all, the secret to long-lasting concrete restoration lies in identifying the early signs of deterioration, selecting adequate materials, complying with project specifications and implementing the best practices for concrete repair, curing and drying along with proper maintenance activities. Considering all these, hiring professional painting contractors is the best way to go about your project.

If you’ve noticed any defects in your concrete, please don’t hesitate to contact our exterior painters today. One of our professionals will visit your location, inspect the entire area and recommend the most appropriate remedial measures for your commercial property.

One last thought: Don’t wait too long, as concrete repair and resurfacing might no longer be an option.

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