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Regardless of what others might say, paint quality does matter when you want to achieve a professional-looking and durable paint job.

To enjoy all the benefits associated with using high-quality coatings to repaint your business in Florida, it’s essential that you understand what “quality” means when it comes to paint products.

High-quality paint contains ingredients that not only turn the paint film into a perfect, long-lasting finish but also facilitate paint application. This translates into commercial painting projects completed in a shorter time frame and, implicitly, less operational downtime for your business.

Since paint ingredients can have a significant impact on the outcome of a paint job, let’s take a look at what goes into a can of paint.

  • Solvents – Carrying the binders, additives and pigments, solvents are substances that evaporate during paint curing and drying.
  • Binders – Also referred to as resins, binders hold together the pigments, additives, solvents and any filling materials used in paints. Additionally, binders promote the adhesion of coating systems to substrates, while ensuring the integrity of the paint film.
  • Additives – Additives are typically used to enhance certain paint characteristics.

    Common additives added to high-end coating systems include:
    rheology modifiers that deliver smoother paint films;
    – dispersing agents that enhance workability;
    – surfactants that promote adhesion and stabilize colors;
    – fungicides that keep mildew, mold and dry rot at bay;
    – preservatives that prolong the shelf life of paint product;
    – antimicrobial and antibacterial additives.

    If you intend to repaint your business in Florida, choosing a paint product that contains fungicides and waterproofing additives can help prevent water-related damage in your commercial building.

  • Pigments – Pigments are divided into two groups:
    1. prime pigments, which ensure superior coverage and color retention;
    2. “extender” pigments, or fillers, which add solids to paint products, without having any effect on colors.

The type, quality and amount of ingredients used to create paints affect everything, from film-forming and coverage characteristics, intensity of color and sheen level to adhesion and resistance to moisture and water intrusion, mold growth, fading, peeling, blistering and cracking. Paint prices can vary considerably depending on the ingredients used.

The Benefits of Using High-End Coating Systems

Delivering better performance compared to less expensive paint systems, high-quality paints can go a long way in terms of material usage, amount of labor and durability. Some other benefits and reasons why you should invest in high-quality coating systems are:

  • Superior protection – When you repaint your business in Florida, a higher quality, more expensive paint turns into a thick, tough film that can withstand much better normal wear and tear as well as extreme weather conditions.
  • Better coverage and more vibrant, long-lasting colors – Since higher quality paints contain more prime pigments than extenders, you can get more intense colors by applying fewer coats of paint.

    However, paint quality doesn’t depend solely on the amount of pigment. Glossier paint systems, for example, always have lower amounts of pigment compared to flat finishes.

  • Ease of maintenance – Having a durable exterior finish that requires little maintenance, withstands different forms of abuse and can be pressure washed without the risk of damage will allow you to keep your business looking its best for longer.

If you intend to repaint your business in Florida, our painting contractors will be more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences with you. If you live in Jacksonville, Tampa or another location nearby and want help with your commercial painting project, please call one of our offices today to require a free painting estimate.

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