Restore_your_business_to_its_original_1.jpgIf the temperamental Florida weather took its toll on your Jacksonville business, a fresh coat of paint isn’t enough to revive it. What you need is restoration work. But building restoration can’t be done by amateurs. That’s simply because bringing a damaged building up to the code isn’t easy. Whether it’s a historical or modern construction, you need a team of professional and reliable painters Jacksonville who know how to handle all of your interior and exterior commercial painting needs.

Achieving a Long-Lasting, Professional-Looking Paint Job

Anyone who worked on old buildings for a number of years knows that a lot of time, effort and resources are consumed to correct previous repairs and renovations. To help you ensure the best possible results and prevent early paint failure, here are a few points that indicate how building restoration should be performed to last for many years to come.

  • Inspection: Proper surface preparation is one of the most important aspects in building restoration. When taking on a new painting project, the first thing a professional painter should do is to inspect the walls for defects. Cracks, discoloration, peeling or flaking paint, soft, spongy wood and damp spots may indicate structural problems, pest infestation, mold growth and water infiltration. Then, he should determine the type of paint that was previously used to paint the building. If lead paint is detected, it’s imperative he follow strict lead safe work practices to avoid contaminating the environment. If other type of paint was used, such oil-based or acrylic latex paint, the contractor should power wash all surfaces to remove dirt, salt, mildew and other contaminants.
  • Repairs: After washing the walls and letting them dry thoroughly, the painter should fix cracks and holes, treat or replace rotting wood, remove peeling paint and perform minor plastering work. Also, he should identify the underlying causes of moisture/water infiltration and mold growth and indicate adequate solutions that will provide a sound foundation for new paint coatings.
  • Prime: After all necessary repairs have been completed, the painter should use a top quality primer to ensure proper paint adhesion. If the old paint is in good condition, priming may not be necessary. Also, since different applications require different types of primers, choosing the right type of primer for the substrate and the top coat is imperative for a long-lasting paint job.
  • Paint: The best painters in Jacksonville use the top quality paints and stains for one reason: these materials enable them to deliver high-quality, long-lasting results. The money saved by using inferior products will be spent tenfold for repairs later on.

To a professional painter, a building is part of history. Therefore, it should be treated with respect. Basically, this means opting for repair methods that ensure its long-term integrity and longevity, using the top quality filler, caulk, plaster and coating materials, and choosing a color palette that will highlight and complement existing architecture.

As our references attest, at Performance Painting not only do we have an unparalleled level of knowledge, experience, craftsmanship and professionalism but we’re also able to competitively price every project. Give us a call at (904)-641-4800 today, and our team of professional painters Jacksonville will put life back into your tired-looking business.

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