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The color palette of a Jacksonville resort is an instant indicator of its character. Thus, one aspect decision makers should take into account when selecting paint colors for a coastal resort in Jacksonville, FL, is the ambiance they want to create.

Since a coastal resort can benefit from a color scheme that fits well with its location, our professional commercial painters have gathered below a few tips to help you come up with a winning color combination.

  • Consider designers’ favorite coastal paint colors.
    With a keen eye for aesthetics, interior designers and color consultants are the “go-to guys” for the managers or owners of Jacksonville resorts in need of painting.

    To make the task of choosing the right color palette easier, many color consultants, interior designers and professional commercial painters share some of their favorite coastal color palettes, providing a source of inspiration for a wide variety of resort painting projects.

    Furthermore, paint manufacturers make available coastal paint product lines that can meet various needs. As an example, specialty paint collections like Benjamin Moore’s coastal colors and Sherwin-William’s Coastal Cool provide a wide variety of colors that can fit any coastal resort located in Jacksonville, FL.

    Although using natural coastal colors can ensure that a resort fits perfectly with its surroundings, consulting with experienced color consultants is a surefire way to select a unique and sophisticated color palette that will impress your guests.

  • Keep up with the latest trends.
    Today’s resort guests expect exotic styles and surprising features in spaces that also offer all the comforts of a home. That’s one of the reasons why increasing numbers of coastal resorts are redesigning their front desks and lobbies from pragmatic, business-like spaces to living room-like areas.

    Professional commercial painters agree that living room-like design complemented with dual, warm color schemes can help a Jacksonville resort in Florida provide the exceptionally pleasant and homelike atmosphere most vacationers expect.

    Taking the “home-away-from-home” concept one step further, hotel design experts encourage hoteliers to break the monotony by updating their decor elements seasonally, just like retailers do.

  • Take into account the historical context.
    When it comes to resort painting projects, opting for color schemes that flow nicely throughout the property and highlight existing architectural details can deliver fascinating results.

    What’s more, a mash-up of trendy, pleasant colors can produce a whimsy environment, delivering the perfect background for memorable guest experiences.

  • Consider the effect of colors on guests.
    While professional commercial painters typically consider the “multi-use” of a paint palette when recommending colors for a Jacksonville resort, a great idea would be to choose certain color schemes for particular areas and even for specific guestrooms.

    As an example, The Pod 39 Hotel in New York offers rooms in three different color palettes: “Soothe with Blue,” “Heal with Teal” and “Rev Up with Red.”

    Decorating guestrooms in different color schemes can help a resort attract more guests. As well, our professional commercial painters typically recommend using timeless color palettes that can have a big impact for years to come.

If you’re looking for professional commercial painters ready to take on a resort painting project, Performance Painting Contractors has extensive experience working in a wide range of upscale commercial projects, ranging from hotels, resorts and condominiums to hospitals and office buildings.

To find out more about the interior and exterior painting services we provide for commercial properties in Jacksonville, Tampa and neighborhood locations, please contact our friendly customer service staff today!

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