When it comes to choosing floor finishes for a Tampa beach home, stained concrete is often the best alternative available out there. Although builders and interior designers don’t generally get along, they do agree that nothing suits the easygoing nature of living on the coast better than concrete.

stained concrete.jpgWhen properly installed and sealed, concrete becomes impervious to abrasion, alkali, ultraviolet rays, salt air and water. This means that a concrete floor can easily withstand Florida’s weather. But the best thing about concrete is that it doesn’t have to be dull and unattractive. Providing endless design and color possibilities, stained concrete can turn an ordinary, lifeless interior into a wonderful work of art.

Nowadays, a wide variety of concrete floor design ideas can help you create an inviting living space that perfectly captures the spirit of the Emerald Coast. Now, let’s take a look at the most popular floor design ideas that can match an airy, open home plan with panoramic windows oriented to take advantage of the spectacular coastal views.

Water-Inspired Floor
Floor design inspired by water is a relatively new trend that has been attracting more and more people. Gulf-inspired stained concrete that evokes the color and the movement of the emerald-green Gulf waters will bring the beauty of the waterscape into your home, while giving your space a unique identity. For a more realistic effect and a harmonious connection with the surroundings, you can choose to stamp and stain concrete to mimic different things, including seashells, corals, etc.

Landscape-Inspired Floor
Through custom color blends, you can achieve a floor that reflects the landscape surrounding your property. If your home is on or near the beach, for instance, professionals can use custom hues to replicate a pristine white-sand beach, a spectacular sunset, or a peaceful view you really like.

You can also use your imagination and opt for stained concrete floors that replicate a sea cave weathered by the ocean waves, streams bordered by large slabs of rock as they flow into the sea, or a scene along a rocky coast, even though it’s not the Emerald Coast. For instance, turning your home into a sea cave – metaphorically speaking, of course – is a great way to strike a discordant note with Tampa’s serene, beautifully sculpted landscape.

Conventional Floor Design
For a traditional-style beach home that could benefit from a solid, opaque floor, stained concrete is as well the go-to flooring solution. If you don’t want to end up with a floor that’s too “serious,” you may want to consider adding a border in a different shade that suits your color scheme. Stained concrete can also mimic beautiful Oriental rugs, polished granite or marble tile flooring. Other popular floor design ideas range from floors that evoke the warmth and richness of natural stone, stained wood or tanned leather to floors that resemble diamond patterns, chessboards or labyrinths.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, durable floor with an appealing design, stained concrete is definitely the best choice. What’s more, stained concrete not only enables homeowners to give their homes a complete makeover and create a truly unique ambiance; it also contrasts beautifully with wood, leather, jute and other natural elements people use in their Tampa beach homes.

Whatever floor design you may have in mind, Performance Painting Contractors can help you with your project. Using creative staining and faux finishing along with the right polishing and sealing techniques, our experienced professionals can take your home from ordinary to breathtaking. To discuss your painting or flooring project in detail, please contact our Tampa painting contractors at (813)-308-0388.

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