Picking Paint For Your Small Jacksonville Business Is Half The Battle.pngPaint quality is one of the factors that affect the longevity of coating systems along with the performance of building envelopes. But selecting the right types of paint for your project is just half the battle; surface preparation and coating application are two equally important considerations.

Even if you’re planning to hire a team of experienced commercial painting contractors to paint your Jacksonville business, learning a few basics about the coating systems available, the most efficient surface preparation methods and paint application techniques can help ensure high-quality results.

Selecting Paint Products

When it comes to choosing paint products for the interior of a commercial building in Jacksonville, Tampa or other locations across Florida, a few elements you should consider are extreme heat, UV radiation and elevated relative humidity levels.

Paint application during excessively hot weather or in direct sunlight can lead to a series of paint problems, including drying shrinkage cracks, blisters, bubbles, or surface imperfections like wrinkling or bumps. Cracks, blisters and bubbles in newly applied paint films aren’t just some cosmetic issues, as many would wrongly assume. If left unaddressed, even a hairline crack can lead to early paint failure, dry rot, rust and extensive damage.

Exposure to UV radiation is another critical issue for buildings in Jacksonville. Since UV rays can break down the chemical bonds of coating systems, they can cause color fading, or photodegradation. Since photodegradation is cumulative and irreversible, it can further lead to the embrittlement and cracking of the paint film. Therefore, all the surfaces exposed to direct sunlight should be carefully inspected for signs of deterioration.

Relative humidity (RH) is also a key factor that affects the performance of paint films. When RH levels are too high, all the systems are exposed to a greater amount of water vapor. Not only will the paint film need more time to dry; building elements can also absorb the moisture in the air. The water absorbed can compromise the adhesion of the coating system to the surface, leading to bubbling and peeling paint. Also, high RH levels can cause condensation in wall assemblies, mildew and mold growth, dry rot and corrosion.

One way to prevent all these problems is to choose high-quality paints that best fit the intended use. In addition, you must ensure the paint products have been specifically formulated to withstand Florida’s extreme weather conditions.

Getting Surface Preparation Right

A good commercial paint job always begins with proper surface prep work. Improperly prepared surfaces can result in reduced adhesion, performance and service life of coatings. In fact, about 80 percent of paint failures are currently attributed to inadequate surface preparation.

To ensure good adhesion of coating systems to substrates and prolong their service life, look for experienced Jacksonville painting contractors. These professionals know how to perform a thorough cleanup of all the surfaces to be painted. As well, they can expertly address and resolve any existing problems, ranging from cracking, chipping or peeling paint, cracks, holes and dents to water damage, mold growth and rust.

Applying Coating Systems

Our Jacksonville painting contractors always follow label directions and industry standards for the method of application and coating thickness. Also, we never apply coatings in less-than-ideal ambient conditions. For interiors, the low-odor, anti-mold, low-VOC and no-VOC paint products we use allow redecoration to take place with minimal disturbance to employees and customers, while safeguarding their health.

To find out how you can take your Jacksonville business to the next level with a new paint application carried out in a professional manner by Performance Painting Contractors, please get in touch with our staff today at (904)-641-4800.

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