When the Shops at Wiregrass were looking for a painting contractor to update all 12 of their buildings, they needed a team that could meet each and every need. The shops are located in the Wesley Chapel area of Tampa and contains more than 640,000 square feet of shopping and restaurants. A lot of the job would also have to be done during the evening since the mall was very active with customers throughout the day. When it came down to a decision, the team here at Performance Painting was deemed most fit to complete the task.

Before_After.pngEach building at Wiregrass was in need of work done to the stucco, accents and columns. Any miscellaneous woodwork would also be treated. Thorough inspection of all stucco surfaces was made before beginning to check for any cracks. All cracks found would undergo repair by applying an elastomeric patching compound. The use of this compound not only aids in repairing cracks in the stucco but also helps eliminate recurring cracks by providing a permanently flexible fill. The compound is also great for painting as it will not flash or cause blotches or an uneven sheen when painting.

Once all of the surfaces were repaired and prepped, they were washed and primed before painting. Before the exterior paint was applied each surface received one coat of Valspar Masonry Conditioner. This conditioner is made to seal the stucco substrate and allows for them to be coated after curing. It is also excellent at binding to the surface to prevent topcoat peeling.

Wiregrass-4659.jpgThe stucco, columns, and accents were painted using a Valspar Emblem Exterior Acrylic Satin paint. The benefits to using the Valspar Emblem Acrylic paint is its durability to last through each season, resisting weather year round as well as providing a strong finish that will not crack or peel. The paint’s low odor and low VOC rating makes a great choice for project safety standards.

The team is currently working on the 12th building in the mall. They finished pressure washing and re-caulking the building and are in the process of priming and painting.

Over the coming months the Tampa team will continue on the remaining shops and restaurants within the Shops at Wiregrass.

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