Thirty-five buildings, over 200 units. That’s only part of the undertaking of our project in the Oxford Chase subdivision on the Southside of Jacksonville.  

IMG_4582.jpgIn addition to the units, we were in charge of updating the mail kiosk and entry marquee as well as the club house. Each exterior required different types of paint, thus further increasing the scope of the project.

In order to complete all two hundred units and club house within Oxford Chase, more than 1,600 gallons of paint had to be brought in. Spot priming was done where it was needed before the paint was applied. Then all the non-metal surfaces, which included everything from lap siding and trim to the entry doors and panel shutters had to be repainted. The team used Sherwin Williams SuperPaint exterior acrylic on all of these surfaces. Each surface received two coats. The advantage to using this acrylic paint on the exteriors is that it will help with paint adhesion, as well as, color retention all while providing a barrier against the Florida weather.

IMG_4592.jpgIn addition to the exterior painting of the units, all windows in need of re-caulking received Pecora Urethane Sealant to ensure durability, adhesion and abrasion resistance aiding in longevity. All brick and stone surfaces received a Sherwin Williams siloxane water repellant. This will aid in the protection of Florida’s wind-driven rain. In the end, our team had applied more than 90 gallons of the water repellant to the brick substrate for all of the units and club house.

Both the mail kiosk and entry marquee required all the stucco and stucco caps to be repainted with the Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. The marquee black lettering was also updated. The final part of the project was the entry gate, entry fencing and pool fencing. Since these areas are metal, they were coated with one coat of universal metal primer and then a coat of Sherwin Williams Water based Industrial Enamel. The use of this enamel helps to match the existing color and sheen of the fencing.

The team did work on almost 400,000 square feet of space while using more than 1,900 gallons of various paints, sealant and enamel in the Southside subdivision.

IMG_4548.jpgWith more than 15 years of expertise in the painting industry, Performance Painting Contractors has become a reliable one-stop shop for any painting task in the state of Florida. Our experienced painting contractors have the know-how to proudly offer a variety of services, ranging from interior and exterior surface preparation, wall painting, wood and concrete staining, pressure washing,waterproofing and epoxy flooring as well as, metal coating applications.

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