Performance PaintingThere’s nothing better than being able to help people that want to help others. This year’s Gift of Color winner is Camp I Am Special- a charity of Catholic Charities. They will be receiving $7,500 worth of painting services and Catholic Charities is “Paying It Forward.”

Many of the employees and board members of Catholic Charities saw the video of the Williams family, who were also in the running for the Gift of Color. Their need for a paint makeover due to their home being destroyed by fire, truly touched the hearts of those at Catholic Charities. They decided that even if they won the charity event they wanted to find a way to help the Williams family.

“We felt compelled to do something for them. So, that if we were the winners, we wanted to ‘Pay It Forward’ and do something on their behalf to help them, said Jennifer Garizio, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Jacksonville.

When Jason Parker, owner of Performance Painting, heard that Catholic Charities wanted to find a way to help the Williams family, he felt he could only do what was right and that was to help Catholic Charities help the Williams family.

Performance Painting will be donating the paint and project manager to oversee the project for the Williams family while Catholic Charities provides the volunteers that will be painting the Williams home.

“Helping both Camp I Am Special and Catholic Charities ‘Pay It Forward’ to the Williams family allows us to give back in a much greater way than I could have imagined, and we feel fortunate to be part of such a giving community,” said Jason Parker, owner of Performance Painting.

This year’s Gift of Color has been like no other. We had the chance to witness a true spirit of community, passion and willing to give to thy neighbor. “When you receive something you weren’t expecting, then it’s even a better surprise,” said Ronnie Williams, the homeowner of the house that was burnt to the ground in October of 2013.

We, as a company and team, look forward to continuing to help our community. We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.

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