Nowadays, home siding offers a wide array of materials, colors, styles and pricing options. But no matter what type of siding you choose, its life span will be affected by the climate you live in. If you live in Florida, you should be prepared to deal with siding deterioration caused by rain, moisture, salty air, excessive heat, direct sunlight, wind and storms that create flying debris.

Painting_Your_Siding_Will_Double_Its_Life_Span.jpgIf you don’t want to spend a small fortune on extensive siding repairs or replacements every few years, it’s critical to guard your siding against the elements characterizing Florida. The best way to significantly increase the life expectancy of your siding and protect your home is to apply a new coat of paint at regular intervals. In a nutshell, painting will:

  • Enhance siding durability – When it comes to exteriors, harsh environmental factors shouldn’t be ignored. These factors will gradually break down the structural integrity of your siding, making your home more susceptible to damage. When exterior surfaces are left unprotected for a long time, they can easily fall victim to moisture and water infiltration, rot, mildew, mold growth and pest infestations. On the other hand, properly preparing and painting your siding at the first signs of paint deterioration will improve its durability, turning it into an impervious barrier to the outside elements.
  • Protect your home – Siding is designed to last several decades. But everyday wear and tear can seriously cut down on its life span. The good news is that painting your siding will minimize the cumulative effects of normal wear and tear, extending its useful life. In addition, protective coating technologies continue to evolve. Since the coating systems available nowadays are more effective than previous products, they can offer more protection for your home’s exterior. Depending on the type of siding and the purpose of your painting project, you can now find a variety of coating options with superior durability, flexibility, color stability, moisture, water, heat and/or corrosion resistance.

A Word about Exterior Finishes

Most siding materials require the application of certain finishes for aesthetics and durability. While stucco, metal and vinyl usually require paint, brick can be protected with regular paint or special products like film forming sealants and penetrating water repellents. Also, wood siding can be finished with exterior paint or with clear, semi-transparent or semi-solid stains. The primary concern with exterior paints and stains is the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For environmentally conscious homeowners, we recommend the use of low- or zero-VOC products.

Protective coatings will eventually wear out, irrespective of their type and quality. When the time comes, painting your siding allows you to add a new layer of protection that will help your home successfully withstand different weather conditions.

If you need stucco, brick, wood, metal or vinyl painting services in Tampa, Jacksonville or adjacent areas throughout north-east-central Florida, Performance Painting Contractors is here to help. Our knowledgeable, experienced and reputable painting contractors can completely transform the look of your home or business, while adding years of life to its siding. Whether your exterior has started to show signs of deterioration, or you just want to give it a fresh, vibrant look, contact our team today for a free, no-obligation painting estimate or a preliminary inspection.

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