Painting Commercial Buildings On-Brand

What a customer sees when they pull up to your business will help to establish their first impression of your company. A commercial property needs to look professional but also support and promote the brand. While many people associate colors with moods or feelings, it’s important to choose colors that work well with those that are in your company’s logo. Different color variations can be used to attract the attention of the customer while still accentuating the brand.

Use A Quality Primer

The first step in any quality paint job is using a quality primer. Whether you are painting the exterior or interior, you want a uniform surface when it comes to applying the final coat. Applying a primer as your first coat of paint covers up any imperfections and can minimize any abnormalities that can’t be corrected. It will create a smooth base that has an even color and texture so that the finished wall will look smooth and uniform.

Choose the Best Type of Coating

Commercial painting contractors use high-quality paints and digital color imaging to ensure you get the best color match with the right type of paint. When painting the exterior of your business, you need a coating that can withstand extreme weather conditions and still remain as bright and fresh as the day it was applied. Harsh sunlight, heavy storms, extreme heat, and frigid cold will all have a direct impact on your application. The right commercial paint coatings will be able to withstand the elements for at least five years before needing a touch-up.

When it comes to the interior of your business, a matte or semi-gloss finish is often the best choice for a commercial property. It is easily cleaned and will minimize glare from the sun or bright overhead lighting. The exterior of your commercial property should reflect the colors that support your brand, while the interior should be more conducive to the emotional support of your customers. Blue indicates a relaxed atmosphere while tones that area deeper green may indicate security and comfort. The right tone and texture can make the interior of your business very inviting, making it easier for a customer to concentrate on the business at hand.

Prep and Clean Up

When hiring a professional painting contractor, they will take care of all the prep and cleanup that is involved with your project. Part of prepping for paint involves covering furniture, laying out drop cloths, and taping along the trim and windows so that you have a crisp, well-defined line along each edge. Prep takes time. A contractor can knock out all of the prep in a few hours while it may take you and your staff a few days to make sure all of the surfaces are ready for the final coat.

After the painting is finished, the final step is clean up. This means eliminating any drips, streaks or runs in the paint as well as picking up drop cloths, uncovering the furniture, and removing any trash that is left behind. When the job is complete, the area should be as pristine as possible so that no one would even realize someone had been painting.

Maintain Your Brand Image

The most important aspect of painting a commercial business, both inside and out, is to maintain and support your company’s brand and overall image. If you choose a neutral color for the walls, you can use a double accent line around the room using two of the most prominent colors of your logo. This method also works on the exterior of your building as well. When the colors match the logo, you can place it somewhere on the side of the building where the line will intersect with the design allowing whoever sees it to be directed to the focal point.

Painting your business can be a huge undertaking and is not something you should enter into lightly. Hiring a contractor who specializes in painting commercial properties is often well worth the cost. The work will be done professionally and you can rest assured that when the job is done, your brand will coincide perfectly with the new look of your commercial building.


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