The home you live in is the largest asset (and expense) in your life. So, being sure your home is in the best possible condition should be at the front of your mind, but busy lifestyles and chaotic schedules get the best of everyone. So, today we’re going to explain why great paint work is a big part of preventative maintenance for your home.

Whatever the weather

One of the best things that paint does is protect your exterior surfaces from the horrors that changing seasons bring. From the pounding heat of the sun through the summer months to the wind and rain that hurricane season can bring, a solid exterior paint job will protect your home from damage. Paint provides a moisture barrier; protects against microorganisms taking hold in cracks around the building, which can lead to mold or other nasty issues over time; and, in turn protects your home’s resale value. A properly maintained house is worth more on the market than one that has been neglected.

Easier maintenance

Decreasing your overall maintenance expense is another way paint protects your home. This applies to interior and exterior paint work. In general, good-quality paint jobs seal drywall, decrease dust and provide that splash of personality that makes a house your home. The paints you choose along the way can play a role in how easy your onward maintenance becomes. A great team of house painters will provide advice on which paints are best in different household areas, for example:

  • Bathrooms: choosing a mildew resistant paint will help keep the walls clean and fresh in the dampest of bathrooms, meaning you don’t have to wash or20863479_s scrub them down, and can use fewer nasty chemical cleaners on the walls.
  • Kitchen cabinets: are commonly worked with oil-based paint, which provides an excellent ‘hard’ finish that stands up to wear and tear well, however changes in paint technology have many house painters recommending new water-based paints that have similar qualities. In either case the name of the game has to be an easy-clean finish that stands up to almost constant handling.
  • High traffic areas: whether you have an elegant home with an entry way most guests pass through, or live in the chaotic swirl of several children running through the halls on a daily basis, areas of your home with lots of traffic need robust paint that is easy to clean. Great house painters are able to make recommendations based on the specifics of your living environment.

The key here is to realize that saving maintenance time in the long run and saving money on cleaning products is easily achievable by choosing great paint in the first place.

Getting it right

If you are going to do the painting yourself or hire a professional, the keys to getting a paint job that protects your home are:

  • Choose the right materials: to get the best life out of your effort in painting inside or out, you have to use the right kind of paint for the job.
  • Do the prep work: sanding, masking, filling, and priming are necessary evils for a great end result.
  • Finish the job off right: taking the time to apply the correct number of coats, adding a finish where necessary and ensuring all surfaces are properly coated will leave you with great results – and protection – for many years to come.

To learn more about how a great paint job can protect and add value to your Florida home, reach out and contact our team of professionals today.

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