inpire productivity with paint

Your paint color choice can profoundly affect the productivity of your employees, for better or worse. Over the years, research has shown that while orange and yellow stimulate conversation and boost energy levels, blue and green can help improve focus. Whether you’re looking for a color palette to enhance the appearance of small offices, cubicles, a large open office space or conference rooms, below are a few paint color choices you can use to increase productivity.

Acting as a physical stimulus, red is a great paint color choice for office environments where people need to be more productive doing something physical like talking with customers. Since red can cause anxiety and anger, industry experts recommend that strong shades of red be used only as accents and muted, darker tones as background. Stimulating shades of red are great additions to certain work environments, such as sales departments, call centers and conference rooms.

In an office environment, it can be quite difficult to “turn off” distractions and commit attention to tasks. One color that can help your staff ignore distractions and focus on what they need to do is orange. This paint color choice stimulates concentration, promotes organization in the workplace and encourages productivity. But according to Angela Wright, a color psychologist, the intensity and brightness of the color defines how stimulating or soothing a specific shade is. For instance, a soft, muted orange like peach will create a warm, welcoming and energizing office space. Conversely, a stronger shade would best be used as an accent to complement neutral color palettes.

One of the most cheerful shades recommended for office spaces, yellow is renowned for boosting people’s mood and stimulating creativity. If you’re running a design business, for example, painting your walls a pleasant yellow tint will encourage creative thinking, inspiring your employees to come up with great and unique ideas. To keep a calm office atmosphere, increase the creative flow and enhance productivity, we advise you to use a soft green or blue color scheme accented with yellow pops.

Although green is one of the best paint colors for office spaces, especially when people work long hours, too much of it may slow down productivity. Pairing a pleasant shade of green with yellow or orange is a brilliant idea to encourage productivity and give your office space a sense of balance.

Blue is another excellent paint color choice for encouraging productivity. In fact, numerous specialists consider blue the most “productive” shade, and that’s because it stimulates mental activity. By painting your office a light, soothing shade of blue and spicing it up with rich, stimulating hues like yellow, orange or red, you can introduce emotion while boosting productivity, attention span and mood. Also, a soft blue-green color palette is the perfect choice for decision makers.

Now, one of the most difficult questions: which color should you go with?
To make the right paint color choice for your office, one thing you need to know is that each person responds differently to colors. With this in mind, the best way to go about selecting a color scheme that encourages productivity is to ask your staff what colors they prefer. By painting your office a color scheme most of your employees like, you’ll not only keep them productive but also happy.

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