Early summer is the best time to spice up your Florida home with some fresh, radiant summer colors.

 But before making your final decision, remember that the color palette you select will set the mood for your personal summer retreat.

How can you pick the right colors to create a bustling yet calming, laid-back ambience that matches the warm, sunny climate and sparkling waters of Florida? That’s quite simple. Read on for our top recommendations that can give your mood and interior an instant boost this summer.

Though shades of yellow are often coupled with fall color palettes, buttercup has become one of the most popular summer colors for 2016. Reminiscent of the buttercup flower, this smooth, subtle shade of gold delivers a chic, sophisticated look with an enchantingly sweet touch of summer fun that can add an unexpected edginess to kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even home offices.

Fiesta Orange
Fiesta orange is one of the most fashionable, stylish, exciting and invigorating summer colors you can find nowadays. Exerting a fantastic summer feel that will infuse your summer home with a cheerfully energetic vibe, this shade can serve as a unique complement to your space. For a smoother, more balanced palette, it may be best to pair it with soft browns and creams.

Peach Echo
A friendly, accessible and warm color, without being too feminine, peach echo is the epitome of summer style. Since this wonderful hue can turn an uninviting interior into a bright and cheerful space, you can use it to dress up any room in your summer home, including the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room. It can be used alone or toned down with muted hues like taupe or dusty plum.

Green Flash
Nothing can brighten up a room more than the lively and gorgeous green flash. Evoking that amazing glowing green which can only be seen at sunset, green flash delivers the perfect mix of romance, elegance and classic styling. What’s more, it can be coupled with a variety of background colors, such as earthy neutrals, soft blush, ivory, misty blue or tinted gray.

Iced Coffee
Iced coffee is one of the summer colors that can be matched with natural textures to make a Florida home feel summer-ready. Used as a backdrop for other shades reminiscent of coastal living like buttercup, peach echo, rose quartz or serenity, this color is what you need to create a tranquil and inviting interior with a fashionable vibe.

A shade of aqua that leans toward purple, serenity is the best color choice for achieving a classic summer feel in a spacious interior invaded by light. Clean, crisp yet comforting, serenity can also be the protagonist of an eye-catching color palette. For this, you may want to consider placing it against contrasting shades like navy, lime green, muted reds, rose quartz and the like.

Rose Quartz
A sweet shade that conveys passion, rose quartz has become one of the most popular and inspiring colors for year-round decor. However, this pretty hue looks especially stunning during the summer months. Paired with pure whites or with saturated shades like teal, fuchsia, soft mint, dark blue or brown, this hue is ready to give your rooms a luxurious, dreamy fairy-tale feel, just perfect for the summer.

Lilac Gray
With so many tinted grays available today, it would be a pity to go for a classic gray color palette. The new lilac gray is the best choice to complement your summer home with an elegant, timeless color that can add a lot of substance to your decor. In addition, lilac gray with its velvet luster makes a great foundation for a variety of “happy” summer colors, including creamy yellow, rich orange, soft serenity, dark purple, cherry, mint teal, etc.

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