As 2016 is drawing to a close, this is the best time to look back at the paint trends we’ve used to enhance our work and living spaces and brighten up our moods. This is especially important because the paint trends for 2017 are a continuation of what we’ve seen this past year. Now, let’s recap all those beautiful paint colors that stole the spotlight in 2016 and – why not? – take a sneak peek at some of the predictions for 2017.

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Tinted Gray
In 2016, our professional painting contractors worked on many projects gravitating toward a vast array of gray varieties, from pink- and yellow-tinted shades to grays with green or blue undertones. The widespread use of gray didn’t come as a surprise to us. After all, gray is a fantastic color choice here in Florida, where light is so bright, and can perfectly complement both classic and modern settings.

But the greatest news is that gray will also be popular in 2017. Experts have already pointed out a few beautiful, warmer shades of gray we can’t wait to try, such as Wish, Porcelain, Gossamer Veil, Sandlot Gray and Wet Concrete.

No one can deny it: white has definitely dominated the paint color scene this year. Chosen as the color of the year 2016 by Benjamin Moore, Simply White and many other shades belonging to the same color family have given us a powerful, transcendent, polarizing yet soothing backdrop for everything we had in mind. We’ve also seen many interiors beautifully decorated with blue-and-white stripes – a classic favorite that had one more moment of glory in 2016.

As consumers become more conscious about the beauty of simplicity, a few shades of white that will probably generate a lot of buzz next year are High Reflective White, Chalk White, Mountain Air, Cloud Cover and Spatial White.

Despite the reticence of some interior decorators, the color black has actually become one of the biggest paint trends we’ve seen over the past few years. From kitchen cabinets and doors to walls and ceilings, black has gained more and more ground, slowly replacing the boring whites, beiges and grays.

And guess what! This color looks just wonderful when mixed-and-matched with light shades and metal accents. That’s why black will remain a “go-to” in 2017 as well.

Pink and Blue
At the end of 2015, Pantone came up with two paint trends for 2016: rose quartz and serenity. No wonder, these two colors took the whole world by storm. Many homeowners and business professionals alike have used them together or separately to decorate different spaces, from kids’ rooms and bathrooms to kids’ clubs, pastry and cake shops, beauty salons, office environments, etc. Pale pink, dusty rose and soft tones of blue are a few more varieties that have conquered many hearts this year.

In addition to brightening up our days, all these amazing colors have been an important source of inspiration for paint manufacturers and interior designers. Pink Bliss, Roycroft Rose, Brandywine, Coral Reef, Icelandic and Iceberg are just some of the favorites recently picked for 2017.

It’s so easy to look back at all the paint colors that impressed us so much this year. Frenetic yellows, soft turquoises, powerful reds, silky creams, deep purples, sophisticated greens, soft oranges and so many others. We have to admit that 2016 wasn’t a good year; it was an excellent year, at least in terms of paint trends. Now, to find out how many “colorful aces” 2017 has up its sleeve, please get in touch with our Florida painting contractors today.

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