We all know that commercial painting work isn’t cheap – but this is one area of business ownership that you really do well to maximize your investment in to avoid unnecessary expenses down the road. Why? Because there are plenty of things a good commercial painter can do to help make sure you get the best work possible for the budget you have available.


Materials matter

Because your business is unique, you should ensure the commercial painting crews you get quotes from honor that fact by making specific recommendations that are relevant to your site. If your building has specific needs in terms of climate, structure or preparation, the painter should be happy to itemize those for you and explain the difference between going with a lower-cost option and their recommended product for any given variable. Sometimes, the best products are not the most expensive, but you will never know if you don’t ask, right? So when you are contacting commercial painters for estimates, ask them to explain their choice of materials, compare the materials offered by different contractors and when you are close to making a choice, ask your preferred provider which product is truly better for the life of the job at your specific site.

Preparation is everything

The majority of defects found in commercial painting jobs are due to poor preparation before the real paint work begins. Bubbles appearing in the finish, peeling paint and paint that looks streaky all stem from simple mistakes or corners being neglected during the preparation phase of a commercial paint project. This is an area where it can be very tempting to do whatever you can to save money, even doing the prep work yourself. But, take heed and know that investing in the best preparation often means your paint work requires less overall maintenance for life of the job, as well as a lower cost for the finish work because the top coats of paint adhere properly and create a lustrous, wonderful finish when dry. No streaks, no bubbles, no dull spots – just a professional finish thanks to a solid job from the very start.

Keeping everyone safe

There is plenty to be said for raising a paint crew out of your existing staff and running around the building touching things up on the weekend so that your outfit looks spiffy. However, if you consider the potential liability you expose your company to by doing the job yourself in a slapdash fashion, it is rarely worth the risk. One simple misstep with a five gallon bucket of paint, for example, can lead to your employee falling and getting injured, the paint splashing across the parking lot and damaging a car belonging to an adjacent business owner (or worse, customer) and a whole lot of litigation later, your business is down on cash from insurance and fines but still in need of a new paint job. Working with commercial painting professionals completely eliminates the potential pitfalls on your job. We come in, set things up with safety in mind from the start, design a job site that protects everyone from our own teams to your customers, and ensure your business is protected from the liability on the off chance that something does go wrong by being licensed and bonded contractors in your local area. Think of it as an investment in your own peace of mind if nothing else.

If you are ready to truly maximize the return on your investment in your next commercial painting project, contact our professional team for a consultation today, we’re ready to help.

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