As business professionals, we all know how important employee morale is. After all, a happy employee is more productive, more willing to take on additional tasks, more polite and more patient at work. In a nutshell, happy employees mean a great work environment, satisfied customers and higher profits for your company. Investing in employee happiness is therefore a wise decision.

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If you’ve just decided it’s time to make work more fun, we’re here to help. Our painting contractors specializing in commercial painting projects in Jacksonville, Tampa and nearby locations in Florida are ready to show you how you can transform your breakroom with colors.

We’ll start with the most evident tip: always consider the shades you intend to use as part of a picture. For a paint palette that flows nicely, the wall paint hues you have in mind must coordinate perfectly with the color of your furniture and other shades in the room. Now, let’s talk about how a few bright shades can liven up a work environment, give the impression of a bigger space and make employees smile more.

Play with Colors
Nothing can make your breakroom brighter and bring more energy to it than a tasteful combination of “exuberant” colors. For instance, consider painting your walls a nice shade of blue like Swimming blue from Sherwin-Williams and pair it with a Roman Column white ceiling and Julep green trim. You can also choose one color for the entire room and add an accent wall embellished with a beautiful stripe pattern, which matches several fun colors like Grape Gum, Fan Coral and Palm Coast Pale from Benjamin Moore.

Choose a Cool Design
An excellent idea to make your breakroom brighter and feel more airy is to paint the walls and ceiling the same color as the floor and then add some cool design elements to delineate the space. What would you think of a light tinted grey backdrop enhanced with a few black, red and yellow curved lines going from one side of the room to the other? Or a deep shade of navy used as a background for different geometric shapes like squares, circles or triangles in bright colors sprinkled across the room? Paired with the right furniture, different design elements in gorgeous contrasting hues can make your breakroom brighter and larger, and lend either a surprising rhythmic cadence or a graceful movement to it.

Transform Your Entire Office Space
Do you have a small office, without a breakroom and only two or three employees? Don’t worry, because there is at least one thing you can do to liven up the environment and keep your employees’ morale high. You can, for instance, setup your office to resemble a home. To make your employees more productive and keep the working mood positive, combine ergonomic office furniture with warm paint colors like Sherwin-Williams’ Serape, Clary Sage, Studio Taupe or Benjamin Moore’s Amulet or Cumulus Cotton, which will allow your employees to escape the “rigid” work environment and feel relaxed while working.

If you’re thinking about a more unique way to make your breakroom brighter with color, look at your floor. That’s right, Performance Painting Contractors can bring your floor to life with stained concrete. Our professionals can stain concrete floors in a dazzling array of colors to make your workspace more inspiring and sophisticated.

In a workplace, people need to take breaks to recharge and rejuvenate themselves. These activities usually happen in the breakroom. Considering the aforementioned ideas, you’ll be able to spruce up your breakroom, open it up and make it more employee-friendly.

Since 2001, Performance Painting Contractors has earned the privilege of sustaining ongoing painting operations for many of our commercial customers. Whether you’re interested in repainting your entire business or just the roof, staining and sealing your concrete floors, or protecting different wood elements, you can be assured that your project will be completed by knowledgeable craftsmen with a vast industry experience. After just one painting project, you’ll feel confident in choosing Performance Painting Contractors for any other paint job.

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