When it comes to exterior siding options, stucco is one of the most popular finishing choices. Even in areas that are hot and humid, such as Florida, stucco delivers a practical and durable alternative for finishing exterior wall surfaces, as long as it’s properly maintained.

Now, let’s go thorough several stucco maintenance tasks that are necessary to keep your Bed and Breakfast Stucco.jpgJacksonville bed and breakfast in good condition.

Stucco maintenance begins with correct application.
One way to turn your bed and breakfast stucco into an attractive and long-lasting defense system against the elements is to follow manufacturer’s guidelines and applicable codes.

As a general rule, stucco should never be installed in direct sunlight, or on very hot, windy or rainy days. Also, allowing stucco to cure slowly and completely before applying paint can minimize the risk of shrinkage cracking along with early paint failure.

Sealing stucco is the most important preventive maintenance task.
Stucco siding is a porous material that can absorb rain water and moisture from the air. If moisture or water builds up inside your walls, it can provide a favorable environment conducive to cold spots, mildew and mold growth, rotting wood, rusting, etc. Left unaddressed, these problems can cause extensive damage to the components of the wall system—or worse, to the structure of the entire building.

The best way to prevent moisture and water from penetrating your bed and breakfast stucco is to choose a coating system that provides the level of protection and performance required in Florida’s weather.

Professional Florida painting contractors recommend good quality acrylic latex paints or elastomeric systems that are specifically formulated for use with stucco. Usually, elastomeric products are the best option because they seal and waterproof the stucco against the elements. If you have pre-colored stucco, you can go for a clear concrete/masonry sealer to stop water from entering your building envelope.

Irrespective of the paint products selected, painting stucco at regular intervals represents another critical step toward maintaining the integrity of your wall system.

Don’t forget to wash your stucco regularly.
Stucco has a textured appearance. As a result, it allows dust, dirt and grime to settle down on its surface. How can you keep your stucco clean and its color bright? That’s quite simple: wash it a few times a year.

Depending on how often you wash your Jacksonville bed and breakfast stucco, you might need to hose it off or use a pressure washer with an appropriate cleaner. Also, you can easily remove any algae, moss, mildew and mold stains with the right cleaning products.

Always make repairs at the first signs of deterioration.
Inspecting your bed and breakfast stucco at least once a year and repairing any cracks, holes, gaps or other defects you observe in a timely fashion can help you avoid extensive damage and costly repairs.

Small cracks and holes can be fixed by applying a new elastomeric coating system. Wider cracks, breaks and holes up to a quarter-inch usually require a premixed stucco patch. In case of extensive damage, such as wide cracks that extend over large areas or stucco that flacks off to reveal the lath, it’s better to call in our experienced Jacksonville painting contractors who can resolve problems in a professional and responsible manner.

If you would like to ask our top-rated painters in Jacksonville, FL, questions about stucco and paint maintenance or any other paint-related topic, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff today at (904)-641-4800. Our painting contractors will be happy to meet with you to discuss the best painting and maintenance strategy for your property.

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