Choosing the right paint is more than just choosing a nice color. When painting a house lived in by young children, it’s important to use a paint that suits their active lifestyles. Satin paint is great for high traffic areas like the kitchen, family room, and children’s rooms. This paint has a soft sheen that provides an elegant look and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can withstand humidity and be easily wiped clean of dirt and stains. Satin paint is more difficult to touch up than a flat paint because any difference in sheen will be visible, but with the help of an experienced professional this can be done efficiently.

Semi-gloss paint is also a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as cabinets and trim. It provides a brighter finish and can endure moisture and scuffing. This paint is very durable and can be scrubbed clean with ease as well as used inside or outside. Surfaces should be free of imperfections before being painted with a semi-gloss because they are made more evident with a glossier sheen. This higher gloss also makes it more difficult to touch up, but again, the professionals have the skills to do this.

Gloss sheen is another option for children’s rooms or play rooms because it’s the easiest paint to scrub clean, although its high shine emphasizes flaws. People with active kids should probably steer clear of flat paints because their matte finishes are less resistant to stains and more difficult to clean.

Another consideration is the paint base. Latex paint is the most popular choice because it’s the most resilient against grime and fading and it’s the easiest to clean. Once you’ve decided on the finish and base it’ll be time to put your imagination to use and choose colors that will transform your house into a home!

kid friendly painting

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