We at Performance Painting take a lot of pride in the dedication of our team members and in the quality of the work we complete, and are open to hiring new team members (no previous experience required). To help decide if you might like to join our team, we invite you to learn more about what we offer.

First of all, if you come to work for Performance Painting, you can expect respect. We have a mutual understanding in our company that everyone is treated with respect. We give the customer the same respect that we give to each trainee who is just coming on board, including trainees who know nothing about painting. Respect is a very important part of our culture because we feel every individual has true value.

We don’t take ourselves very seriously, but we do take the job very seriously, so we’re going to invest in your training, and educating you on a craft that, if learned, can turn into a great career. This is especially true if you’re a person that Performance Painting Careerstakes pride in what you do and likes working with your hands. Every day you get the opportunity to take something that looks great and leave it looking beautiful. That’s what people that work here really take pride in. We want to give you all of the tools available to make sure that you can do that in a really efficient and good way. We encourage everyone to not only get the work done but have fun doing it. You will work with people that do have a mutual respect, enjoy what they do and are proud that they’re not only doing a good job painting, but providing a great experience for the customer. This is all due to an understood mutual respect.

We’re going to provide you with everything you need to do a good job including a uniform, paid training, and benefits. We provide the things that make you comfortable enough so that you can focus on doing a great job. Our team also understands that the customer is incredibly important. The feedback customers give us is used to determine whether we’ve done a great job. We communicate that with every employee on a regular basis, so that everyone involved can take pride in a job well done, and take constructive criticisms into account to perform better in the future.

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