The City of Jacksonville Beach was in need of  preventing rust and protecting their gas and diesel holding tanks on their property. They needed a painting contractor with experience in painting industrial structures. One that would ensure that the proper coatings and safety standards would beImage_2016-03-01_06-51-47.jpeg used during the job and also stay compliant with EPA standards. When it came down to a decision, the team here at Performance Painting was deemed the best fit for the task.

Our team began the project in late February. The first task was to rinse clean all of the areas receiving paint with a bleach solution, and then  use hand tools to remove all loose and failing paint. After every surface had been prepared, the crew began  priming and painting the two fuel tanks. We used Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646 primer on the first coat. This fast drying epoxy primer is perfect for industrial exposures due to its resistance to chemicals and abrasions. After the primer had dried, one coat of Sherwin Williams Acrolon 218 HS was applied to the fuel tanks. The fast drying urethane is ideal for industrial structures and provides color and gloss retention for exterior exposure.

Before_After.pngThe last step of the project was to paint all of the bollard poles that were around the two tanks.. The team applied two coats of Sherwin Williams Shercryl High Performance Acrylic to 32 poles onsite.

With more than 15 years of expertise in the painting industry, Performance Painting Contractors has become a reliable one-stop shop for any painting task in the state of Florida. Our experienced painting contractors have the know-how to proudly offer a variety of services, ranging from interior and exterior surface preparation, wall painting, wood and concrete staining, pressure washing, waterproofing and epoxy flooring as well as metal coating applications.

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