The entrance way to the University of North Florida’s Science and Engineering Building had begun to fade and show signs of rust, which quickly became an eyesore for students and faculty alike. The paint on the red steel awning started to look dull, and the steel beams that were situated above and below the awning were showing heavy deposits of rust as the finish was beginning to fade as well. Our commercial painting team was brought in to prime and remove all rust and repaint both the awnings and steel beams.IMG_4612.jpg

Due to the amount of rust that was present on the steel beams, the surfaces needed to be spot primed and all of the rust had to be sanded and/or ground down to ensure that all surface corrosion had been removed. Since the paint had begun to fail on the awnings, all of the loose paint had to be removed as well. UNF needed a company that would be able to not only complete job to specifications but to also have it completed by the time the fall semester began session.

The first step in the project was to make sure all rusty surfaces were taken care of before painting. Sherwin Williams Kem Kromik Universal Metal Primer was the product used to treat those rusty surfaces. Kem Kromik is a rust inhibiting primer. This means that it will simultaneously stop and prevent any further surface corrosion. This metal primer is also perfect for topcoat adhesion acting as a universal primer for high performance topcoats as well as a barrier coat over conventional coats further protecting them from corrosion. Our team also did some striping to the edges and other irregular areas to provide a sufficient film to further aid in corrosion prevention.

Before_Pic.jpgOnce all of the rust was treated and all surfaces primed and cleaned, two coats of Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel were applied to match color and sheen. All of the steel beams above and below the awning were painted. The entryway awning as well as the top of its corrugated roof and underside were painted. The awning flashing as well as the drip edge were also painted. This enamel is perfect due to its protective properties and resistance to flaking and dirt. This will help keep the awning looking vibrant longer. 

The completion of the entryway resulted in a fantastic update for the UNF building that both faculty, students and administration can appreciate.  

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