Pressure Washing Condo AssociationResidents might fall in love with a community at first, but what keeps them around when the initial thrill has worn off? One big contributor is overlooked by HOAs all too often: The level of care and attention taken in the upkeep of buildings, pathways, and amenities for the money paid.

Cleanliness has always been recognized as a measure of the pride taken in a building. In the sanitation-focused world we find ourselves in today, it’s even more important. Residents see it as a key factor that tells them more about just how safe a property is.

Pressure washing is one way to provide superior cleaning and aesthetics for virtually all surfaces in your community. Plus, compared to many other options at your disposal, it is quick, safe, and inexpensive.

What is Pressure Washing?

From homeowners to facilities managers, just about everyone has some familiarity with the concepts of pressure washing. Pressure washing uses a high pressure water spray to remove surface impurities.

Pressure washing should not be confused with power washing. A power washer uses a similar volume and velocity of water, but also heats the water. This can be problematic for certain sensitive surfaces. It’s crucial to choose pressure washing for most jobs and power washing only when necessary.

After an accident or natural disaster, for example, power washing may be ideal for areas that have been contaminated by high amounts of viscous fluids, such as grease. It is also beneficial for exteriors that are subject to salt deposits from sea air. But, in most cases, standard pressure washing is sufficient.

Pressure washing may be the only safe and effective option for cleaning some areas of your community. A large surface can be cleaned very quickly with virtually no likelihood of surface damage as a result.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing for HOA-Led Communities

As an HOA leader, you want to be sure you’re getting an excellent return on investment for residents’ fees. Pressure washing meets the high standards of a modern community. It takes only a short time and will contribute to savings in other areas of your maintenance strategy.

Some of the key benefits include:

1. Higher Safety for Residents and Guests
Safety is crucial for maintaining your community’s sterling reputation. Pressure washing helps you control environmental hazards that can lead to air pollution or aggravate certain conditions. Mold and mildew are no match for pressure washing. Dirt, dust, and loose paint can also be easily removed. Pressure washing is an important first step in any HOA exterior painting project.

2. Greater Longevity for Surfaces
Pressure washing can be a good step when you’re planning a larger long-term rust remediation or other project. With the capacity to rejuvenate your surfaces, you will face fewer issues down the road. This can help protect your facility from the risk of having to fully repair or replace particular surfaces or equipment that operates in the area to be cleaned.

3. Better Coating Performance
Even the best high-performance coating has certain environmental tolerances. After new coatings cure, they become much more resilient, but they can still absorb damage over time. This makes a pressure cleaning essential, especially where moist conditions threaten to accelerate oxidization. Cleaning removes surface debris and helps coatings retain their vital qualities.

4. Easier Time Communicating Your Value
Every year, your HOA is sure to see some turnover from residents who move on. Although some of these moves are unavoidable, some are driven by dissatisfaction. While pressure washing won’t keep people happy on its own, it is an important piece in a multi-prong, resident-focused maintenance strategy. Your team will have one more talking point when discussing residents’ needs.

5. Superior Aesthetics
Aesthetics may not be the top concern on your list, but it should still be on there! You never know when you might get a visit from a senior executive, an important business partner, or even an inspector from your town, city, or county. The cleaner your community, the better that all important first impression will be. New residents will love having the chance to tour your clean, modern-looking amenities.

6. Reduced Overall Maintenance Costs
Regular pressure washing can protect your buildings against certain hazards that might cost thousands of dollars if they’re left unchecked. Mold is a key example: Some forms of it are so dangerous that you might need to shut down affected buildings, but a regular pressure wash helps keep it at bay. You have greater control over the timing and cost of large-scale renovations when the basics are in place!

When planning for pressure washing, choose a team familiar with HOA coating services. Discuss your goals so your team can help you reach them while minimizing disruption to residents and full-time staff. Your efforts will pay off in appearance and building longevity.


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