Most Florida commercial painting companies provide a wide range of services, ranging from design and color consultation to wall preparation and painting in office buildings, retail stores, and condominium complexes. What about industrial painting? Are Florida commercial painters qualified to handle large industrial painting projects?

We can’t deny it: Florida industrial painting projects pose complex challenges to commercial painters. That’s mostly because industrial painting projects include a series of tasks that a residential project may never require. Commercial painters undertaking industrial projects not only must know how to prepare various surfaces, including concrete, stucco, and metal, and apply specialized paint coatings; they also have to work in difficult environments, which can test the limits of even the most competent providers. Below are the biggest challenges Florida commercial painting companies face on a daily basis.  

  • Large-scale projects: Typically, the scope of an industrial site painting project ranges from hospitals, shopping malls, and warehouses with floor-to-6905_150_Hampton_Point_Dr_-_Hess_-_Speedway_2ceiling merchandise filling up the available space to difficult structures, such as bridges and tunnels. The prep work and painting process pose great challenges with regard to both the number of workers and amount of materials required to deliver a quality paint job. In addition, a commercial painting company must have staff dedicated to the planning and coordination of large industrial painting projects along with solid project management practices in place.
  • Large investments: A commercial painting company must make major investments in equipment and materials if it wants to be successful. Since most Florida industrial painting projects involve buildings with a lot of traffic, all the materials used, including fillers, base coats, skim coats, and paint, must be of high quality to withstand excessive wear and tear. A Florida commercial painting contractor must also use a variety of coatings and finishes, including custom paint, to complete the look of a building.
  • Timelines: Unlike residential painters, who usually work during daylight hours, Monday through Friday, commercial painters must be willing to adapt to different schedules. To avoid disrupting their clients’ business activities, many commercial painting contractors work on weekends and even at night.
  • Services: Commercial painters offer a wider palette of services compared to residential painters. That’s because they can afford to invest in the right people, equipment, and supplies. Common services include but are not limited to furniture and equipment removal, wood restoration and replacement, power washing, sandblasting, faux-finishing, electrostatic painting, and epoxy floor coating. Working with construction companies on different building projects, Florida commercial painters can meet most of your needs and demands by simply subcontracting work. This can save you the hassle of looking for other contractors.

In addition, surface prep along with paint selection and application must address specific considerations inherent to each project. Working conditions can also vary drastically from one project to another, leading to increases in manpower needs and scheduling hiccups. Costly delays due to unforeseen events, such as constructors, plumbers, or electricians running into unexpected issues, may also occur, negatively impacting Florida industrial painting projects.

Safety is another major concern. A commercial painting company must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to ensure that all projects are properly managed and workers receive appropriate training and safety equipment.

In conclusion, a commercial painter providing industrial painting services must possess extensive knowledge and excellent skills, given the precision required to work with expensive equipment and supplies, and deal with the unique challenges typically characterizing industrial painting projects.

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