It’s officially that time of year once again. Our little ones (or big ones) are off to begin yet another school year adventure. We usually anticipate shopping for new clothes, shoes, books, supplies, and endless other must-haves.

In addition, if your son or daughter is attending a new school – whether it’s grammar school, high school or even college, you may also find that new loyalties come complete with a change in school colors! Clearly, that creates a desire on their part for a change to their bedrooms and other personal spaces. But how do you incorporate a bright or risky color in a way that makes everyone happy and doesn’t require a complete overhaul?

The following are some terrific ways to execute a color redesign for your student that will stand the test of time until that time changes . . .

Accent Walls – Don’t feel pressured to repaint an entire room the bright colors of your student’s new mascot. Choose an accent wall, such as behind the bed, or couch that sits in a den, and keep the focus there. Designers do it all the time in model homes in order to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space. Try a few different shades that are in close proximity of each other, and select a flat or washable matte finish for added simplicity.
Bedding – Go for solid color bedding and mix and match school colors with some basic neutrals that can be used again and again. Go with white sheets, but switch out pillow cases to something bold! Keep a white, goose-down comforter, but change the look of it with a bright duvet cover! Keep all neutrals, but add a bright throw at the end of the bed or chair, or an abundance of whimsical accent pillows!
Furniture – Organization is always a popular topic this time of year, and looking for ways to increase useable space and establish better systems is important to most people. Shop estate sales, flea markets and antique stores for bookcases, shelves, and baskets that can be painted in your school’s color. It’s generally a fun and inexpensive project that will bring uniqueness, extra storage and personality to a space.
Artwork – Think outside the box when it comes to decorating your space while showing off your school spirit. Take a photo of your school’s logo, enlarge it to poster size and frame it! The frame can be used again for something different years down the road. Spell out the name of your school using wooden letters that are painted in alternating colors. Apply them to a large board that stands on an easel, hang them directly on your wall, or using fabric or rope, loop them along a drapery rod above the window. The options are really endless! . . .
Decorating is really all about creating a space that provides inspiration and comfort, and reflects the lifestyle of those living there. Incorporating a few of these ideas will allow your student to express his or her school spirit, won’t break the bank, and easily allows for changes should next fall’s plans change!

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