Whether you’ve got decades of experience working on commercial paint crews or are looking for a new opportunity, a career as a painter can be a wonderful option. You’ll be part of an active team, often working in the outdoor environment rather than a stuffy office or warehouse, and you’ll be doing a job that has tangible value for property owners and community members alike. Today we’re going to ask a few questions about your potential painting career that should help you decide if a job as a painter is right for you.

Are you a team player?

Being part of a painting crew allows a certain degree of independence – there’s only one handle on that brush – however, there are a group of individuals working together to give the building in question the best possible finish. All members of a successful paint crew are able to take direction, but also have the initiative to get up there and tackle those multi-pane French windows that are such a notorious pain in the neck.

Are you neat and tidy?

Painting is a messy job – don’t misunderstand us. But we do believe that to provide a finished product you take pride in, you’ve got to start by taking pride in yourself – so show up clean to start the day, and never leave a messy site in your wake, even on the busiest hot summer day. The important thing to bear in mind is that painters with the best reputations work on near-immaculate job sites. Cleaning messes as they occur is a key part of forging a successful painting career because customers are more likely to recommend you to friends, neighbors, or colleagues if they don’t feel burdened by your presence in their space.

Are you detail oriented?

In addition to keeping the job site clean, it should go without saying that your work must have a clean finish, and be defect-free. A large part of how nice a paint job looks on any building is the detail – the contrasting eves or dormer siding give the structure amazing curb appeal and has to be done right the first time to avoid wasted time and effort on your part and additional long-term expense on the part of the site owner. Having clients see that you’re able to focus on details and provide a spectacular finished product is one of the best ways to generate the kind of word-of-mouth advertising that catapults you from having a painting job to having a painting career.

Are you conscientious?

Plenty of jobs include elements that fall into a grey area; not really “your job” to take care of a task but it’s for the benefit of everyone if you do. You can build your reputation as a successful painter by letting property managers and homeowners know there’s a crack in a window frame here, or an awning that needs attention there. It’s a true boon to your career if you are able to foresee potential areas at the point of estimate that will save time on the job overall, especially where the repair or work in question saves the homeowner money as well.

Do you like a challenge?

Challenges for those pursuing a painting career come in all shapes and sizes – as do the rewards. For those interested in making a difference to their community, painting is a great way to help bring a fresh face to the area. If you’re interested in learning more about the challenges and rewards of a painting career, contact us.

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