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Any commercial construction or renovation project in Florida must meet the state’s building codes and zoning laws. This basically means that besides obtaining all the licenses, permits and certificates necessary, you must ensure that your commercial facility complies with the applicable health, safety and environmental programs.

When it comes to painting the interior or exterior of a commercial building, choosing a coating system goes beyond color preferences. To guide you through the complicated process of selecting the right coating systems for your project, we’re going to present a few essentials you should consider.

Climate and Substrate
Coating system recommendations are largely dependent on the climate and type of surface in need of painting.

In Florida, stucco and concrete are the most widely used building materials, despite their susceptibility to developing cracks. In addition, most buildings are subjected to high relative humidity, heavy rains, high temperatures and aggressive UV radiation, which can increase the risk of cracking.

According to our experienced commercial paint contractors, one way to efficiently address all these problems is to use elastomeric and epoxy coating systems.

Thanks to advances in resin technology, these coatings are incredibly durable, hard-wearing and highly resistant to sunlight, heat, moisture and water. Furthermore, they have superior elongation characteristics, which make them ideal for bridging and repairing hairline cracks that may form in concrete, stucco and other cementitious materials.

Bridging hairline cracks and preventing water penetration and migration through buildings, elastomeric and epoxy coatings not only maintain a nice appearance; they also enhance the integrity of the building envelope and increase the longevity of different structures. This will allow any business to cut down its maintenance and repair costs.

It’s worth noting as well that these coating systems have been increasingly used on many other substrates, including metal, wood and exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS).

Purpose Intended
The predetermined purpose of an area is another factor that dictates the type of paint required. While regular semi-gloss or gloss paints are used in different commercial painting projects, specialty coatings are sometimes more appropriate for certain applications.

As an example, low- or no-VOC paints have become a very popular choice for commercial projects involving office buildings, schools, shops and restaurants. As their name suggests, these paints contain low or no levels of volatile organic compounds. Considering that regular finishes can release toxic emissions into the air several years after the application, low- and no-VOC paints are safer for building occupants. Requiring less frequent repainting, they represent a good alternative from a performance perspective as well.

In hospitals, restaurants, commercial kitchens and other applications where hygiene is a concern, commercial paint contractors typically opt for low- or no-VOC coating systems that deliver a smooth, even and easy-to-clean surface, impervious to bacteria, dirt and grease build-up. In these projects, a wide variety of fungus-resistant and antimicrobial coatings can also be used for added protection.

Another important thing to remember when selecting coating systems is that interior paints cannot provide the level of protection required by exterior surfaces. Therefore, under no circumstances should these paints be used in outdoor applications.

If you’re unsure about what coating systems to choose, we’re here to help you select the right paint type, color palette and maintenance strategy for your commercial painting project.

Specializing in interior and exterior painting, Performance Painting Contractors can provide any homeowner or local business with reliable, highly skilled, fully insured and licensed commercial paint contractors who can guarantee a hassle-free painting experience. For more details, please call our offices at (904)-641-4800 or (813)-308-0388 from Monday through Friday, or click here for a free painting estimate.

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