GymboreeAre you thinking about painting your commercial business, but are not sure if the return is worth it? Whether you’ve just bought a business and you’re thinking of painting it, or it’s been a while since your facility has been updated, it’s worth calculating the cost. The truth is that in most cases, painting your business can improve your success. The return on investment is easy to see. Let’s go over the benefits!

Things to consider

With the competition that is out in the business world today, it can sometimes be challenging to stand out and be seen. A professional, clean paint job is an obvious way to communicate success.

Whether you are responsible for the upkeep of the whole of your facility, or just a portion of the interior, it could be time to repaint and give it a brand new look and feel.

There are quite a few ways that can improve your business’s bottom line by repainting:

Added Value

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that adding value to any asset is good for your company overall. Your business and it’s appearance reflects you and what you offer. The appearance of your building is especially important if you host clients regularly. Even the best of salesmen could lose a lead if the client is unimpressed by your office situation.

Likewise, a clean and well painted atmosphere adds to employee productivity. 

Clean Appearance

Repainting can give a place a fresh and clean look to it, and who does not want to enter into a business that looks and feels clean? This is especially essential when it involves the medical field and academic spaces. There is specialty coatings specifically to reduce bacteria and mold growth – another important component to consider. 

Boosts Confidence 

When you repaint, it can also lift your employee’s confidence and spirits. It can help give them a renewed look at what your business is wanting to accomplish. Keeping up with building maintenance – painting included – shows that you care about the business. If it seems like you don’t care, it’s usually guaranteed that your employees will stop caring too.

Make your Business Stand Out

Repainting a business can give you the opportunity to help promote your brand. If you’ve gone through a recent rebranding, then you need to update your building to reflect that. Consistency with colors and logos is important in establishing your new ‘feel’.

Even if you are not able to do anything about the exterior of the building, you can still control what your interior reflects. 

Show Customers that Your Business Cares 

A clean and well maintained building communicates that you are capable. Customers pick up on non-verbal cues all the time. If your building is in disarray (paint chipping, colors fading, scuffs, etc) then you are communicating that you can’t take care of your space. This creates a negative association in your customer’s mind.

Types of paint and what to choose

Now that you can see the various ways that repainting can help your companies bottom line, let us discuss types of paints. If you are unsure of the color selections and the kind of paint you should use, do your research. 

Color influences people. Research the physiological effects of different hues before setting your heart on something. If you run a medical facility, perhaps look at calming, healing colors like green or blue. It’s also important that you do not choose colors or coatings that may breech any property agreement you may have. 

This is where a qualified, knowledgeable painting contractors can help you out. They should know the area and any restrictions that might be in place and give you suggestions on how to proceed. If you decide to move forward with your project, you could be taking a step towards profitability. 

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