Picture_225_1-362074-edited.jpgWhen it comes to home exteriors, sun, wind and rain are some of the most common causes of color loss and paint film deterioration. Obviously, this will lead to more frequent maintenance work for the homeowner.

But the good news is that painting your exterior trim, siding and other surfaces every few years will help protect your most important asset from Florida’s weather. A fresh paint job will also enhance your home’s appearance for less money than any other home remodeling project. Now, read on to find out why painting your exterior trim as well as other surfaces regularly is so important.

  • Paint can accentuate architectural elements. Using a contrasting shade to paint decorative elements like the trim, dentil molding and columns can add amazing curb appeal to any building. Whether you’re the proud owner of a Craftsman bungalow or a modern home, nothing stops you from choosing a decorative trim and painting it a contrasting yet pleasing color. This way, you can make your entire living space feel more inviting, relaxing and cozy. In addition to your home’s style, our residential painting contractors advise you to consider the age and location of your home when picking colors.
  • Paint can give your home a brand new look. If you have no idea what color to choose for your exterior trim, you have four options:
    1) start scouting your neighborhood for inspiration;
    2) view hundreds of images online;
    3) use online paint color apps;
    4) approach professional paint contractors who offer color consulting services.
    Getting in touch with experienced color consultants and paint contractors in Tampa, FL, is by far the best alternative. That’s because only a team of professionals can come up with custom color palettes for your exterior while complying with the restrictions imposed by your HOA. A good rule of thumb is to bring together up to four colors. For instance, try adding an intense shade of taupe or peach to a beige palette for a Colonial home; or an ocean-inspired blue to an off white or cream color scheme for a coastal cottage. You’ll be surprised at the difference using a bold accent color can make.
  • Painting can extend the life of your home’s exterior (and not only). Routine exterior maintenance can add years to the life of your home. In short, maintenance should involve:
    – cleaning and repainting your home’s exterior on a regular basis;
    – preparing surfaces properly and making all the repairs required;
    – using adequate, high-quality products and applying them according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.
    Keeping your exterior in good condition will also have a positive impact on the inside of your home. In short, removing moss and algae deposits and repainting your exterior surfaces regularly will prevent mold growth and dry rot formation. This will keep your entire home and family healthy and happy.

Extra tips to consider:

  • Choosing high-quality paint products that offer some degree of flexibility can prevent cracks from developing in newly applied paint films (e.g. primers and paints formulated with acrylic resins).
  • For flawless, long-lasting results, caulk all the gaps, holes and cracks in the exterior trim. Then, sand the surface properly and prime it with a compatible product before applying the first coat of paint.
  • Contact our residential painting contractors to find out more about how to bring an exterior paint job to a successful conclusion.

With more than 15 years of expertise in the painting industry, Performance Painting Contractors has become a reliable one-stop shop for any painting task. Our experienced painting contractors have the know-how to proudly offer a variety of services, ranging from interior and exterior surface preparation, wall painting, wood and concrete staining, pressure washing and waterproofing to epoxy flooring and metal coating applications.

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