Although this may come as a surprise to many people, the right paint color palette can make any space look bigger than it actually is. And when we say any space, we mean any home or business, including a hotel.

Renovating a hotel involves a lot of work. Revamping the landscape, redecorating the lobby and upgrading the rooms can be very difficult, particularly when the final purpose of the project is a sublime, inviting ambiance.

When it comes to upgrading guestrooms, converting single or double rooms into standard twin paint hotel.jpgrooms is one of the most challenging endeavors. Most single and double rooms aren’t designed to include two beds, two bedside tables and two Ottoman footrests. Therefore, when you decide to upgrade a single or double room to a twin room, you risk ending up with a very crowded space.

But sometimes, there’s nothing else you can do to get the twin rooms you need. Also, you just can’t push the walls away to make the rooms bigger. But with a little bit of help from our Florida painting contractors and color consultants, you can learn how to use certain hues and color combinations in order to give your rooms a greater sense of depth and space. Here are a few no-fail ways to fool the eye and create the illusion of more space.

Choose Light Shades
Even though dark hues are designers’ best friends, our favorites revolve around pale shades every time we recommend twin room colors. Using a light shade of grey or a soft taupe is a great option to keep the room light, airy and open. To balance and also match trendy room design, you can bring in several pops of colors, such as red, yellow, orange, lime green, emerald green or azure blue. As well, including different elements in contrasting hues like darker or lighter colored curtains, duvet covers and blankets is a surefire way to create a more dynamic appearance. For a truly special ambiance, consider combining soft twin room colors with luxury tile flooring and wood furniture.

Go for a Monochromatic and Dichromatic Color Scheme
A small room can also benefit from monochromatic or dichromatic color palettes that will never go out of style. A plain white, cream or light grey color scheme as well as combinations like cream and brown, black and white, dark grey and light grey can make a space appear more generous. You can also try pairing white walls with a very pale shade on detailing for an open-air, French-inspired room. Or choose the exact same color for everything in the room, including furniture pieces, fabrics, floor and wall paint, and then place several things like standing lamps and coat stands in contrasting hues against the walls. Doing this will create the optical illusion of air flowing over, under and around the elements in contrasting colors, making them appear to float in the space. This will add a new, unexpected sense of openness to your guestrooms.

Don’t Overlook the Gloss Level
Before choosing twin room colors, consider the gloss level. Gloss paint can lend a touch of velvety, silky, pearly or glowing elegance to any guestroom. As professional painting contractors, we’ve seen and experimented with a wide variety of twin room colors in different sheen levels inspired by unexpected things, such as prestigious champagnes, sparkling wines, rare cognacs, cigars, etc. Adding a touch of whimsy and youthfulness, gloss paint can make any small twin room appear larger while bringing out its beauty.

No matter what colors you want to use and how you intend to combine them, every single hue must fit perfectly into the “big picture” in order to paint that inviting tableau you have in mind for your guests.

Do you want to discover new space-expanding tricks that can maximize your hotel’s square footage? Contact Performance Painting Contractors today, and our experts will help you select an interior or exterior paint color palette that will charm your guests and make them feel welcome.

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