Hiring a commercial painter is no different to hiring any other professional you need to work with – you get recommendations, ask for quotes, and check references. But sometimes, especially if you don’t know anything about painting yourself, it doesn’t feel like you’re “doing enough” to be sure you have selected the right commercial painters for your business needs. Today we’re going to try and help alleviate that burden by providing you a few things to consider during your selection process.

  • Preparation – every job is different, every site is different, and every commercial painter has a 100_0596-2-225x300different approach to handling the combination of variables they encounter at the job site. Good commercial painters will be happy to discuss their typical site preparation methods with you and your on-site team so that there are no surprises along the way. Also, where there are particular concerns about weather, site features, or anything else that might be unique to your job, be sure to voice your concerns with your potential painter. Their answers can be very telling and may help you either feel more at ease with their approach or indicate that you should consider other suppliers.
  • Products/materials used – this is about more than just whether oil or latex paint is best for the job, but rather what equipment the crew will use during the paint project. Ask about anything you can think of – will they paint with brushes, rollers or sprayers? Will they use different types of paint? What about masking materials, scaffolds or safety equipment? This lets you compare the different crews against one another, potentially alerting you to outdated or unsafe practices.
  • Insurance, safety and liability – choosing licensed, insured, bonded contractors is a no brainer. However, ensuring the commercial painters you choose are up-to-date with the most recent health and safety codes, willing to accommodate your needs in terms of client/customer safety, and able to demonstrate their safety protocols to your satisfaction should be incredibly reassuring.
  • Scheduling – because your business is your lifeblood, commercial painters working on your site need to be aware of your operating hours, how customers and clients typically access your services, if any special access procedures need to be respected, and what disruption is acceptable to you. Some commercial painters are able to work varying schedules to minimize downtime on your part, which can be a tremendous benefit.
  • Timeline – in addition to scheduling, consider the overall timeline for the job from start to finish. Great commercial painters are able to provide you with not only a window for when it will be possible to do the job you require, but a timeline for the various stages in the project.

We hope that these five points of consideration have given you a bit more confidence in your ability to choose between the commercial paint crews bidding for your next job. Excellent commercial painters, like any other contractor, really do want to work with you to guarantee the work they undertake is done to your satisfaction the first time. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact  one of our commercial painting experts at www.performance-painting.com, we’re always happy to help.

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