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Do you own or manage an industrial property that is under constant borage of graffiti? Are you getting tired of having to repaint areas that have been marked up or tired of the cost that it has incurred? Are you ready to take control and gain the upper hand in this defacing situation? Believe it or not, there are some simple solutions to help you take care of graffiti, take less time to clean and are more cost effective than having to repaint several coats regularly.

Types of Anti-Graffiti Coatings

If you already have had graffiti damage, it is a good idea to start with a good quality anti-graffiti primer, so that you will be able to have a clean surface to start over. Even if you do not have any previous defacement, using the anti-graffiti primer gives the surfaces that you need to cover a great foundation on which to adhere.

There are two types of coating, and they are:

  1. A Sacrificial Coating – is a transparent top layer or coating that once it has been marked up will be washed away once it has been cleaned by a high force wash and will have to be replaced. If cost is an issue that you are dealing with up front, then this could be a good choice, as it is not as expensive as the next type of coating, but will need to be recoated every time that you have to remove any markings.
  2. A Permanent Coating – This finish is the best type to get if you are dealing with constant cleanings from graffiti. It is very durable and can be easily cleaned without the use of any high pressured washes, which can be great for places that are hard to get such equipment to reach. The permanent coating makes a barrier that will not allow for any other paint, markers, or inks to adhere to it, so you will be able to clean it off by hand with a solvent or cleaner and will not wash away as the sacrificial coating does. The permanent layer is usually one good coat, and will last for many years. This coating is very easy to maintain.

Types of Industrial Surfaces

There are many kinds of surfaces that you can use anti-graffiti coatings on, some are porous (the cover has gaps where they will absorb, more as a sponge does) and some are nonporous (these types of surfaces are smooth and are harder for things to stick to).

Materials that graffiti-resistant coatings can be applied to are:

  • Concrete – Porous material
  • Block – Porous material
  • Plastic – Nonporous material
  • Wood – Porous material
  • Brick – Porous material
  • Metal – Nonporous material

Since the start of graffiti vandalism in the nineteen-sixties within New York, records show that there has been a steady increase of reported cases within the United States and also show that graffiti is the most used type of defacement. Whether you have a large or a small company, it can end up costing you a significant amount to clean and fix the damage done to your property. For just one occurrence of defacement can cost over three thousand dollars according to the United States Small Business Administration. That cost is quite a lot to cover, especially if it is a regular occurrence, and you do not have the insurance to cover it.

There are now many governments that require the removal of any graffiti within forty-eight hours. The resistant type of coating that you can have on your buildings, equipment, and machinery could make it easier for you to comply with such regulations. Records show that when graffiti is eliminated quickly, there is less of a chance of reappearance, so the quicker that you can take care of any marks the better it is for you and your community. It can tend to make people feel uncomfortable to be in a place that has markings all over the place, and they do not feel safe, thus cutting into you business and those around you.

It is wise to hire a certified professional to look over the area that you need coated, as well as give you an estimate of just how much each type of coating will cost you. It can be comforting to know that when you are fighting against such a tremendous battle, you can have a shield in place that can protect your assets and give you peace of mind knowing you will have to worry less.

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