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Maintaining a roof in good condition can maximize its performance and extend the service life of a commercial facility. But sometimes, even a small problem can compromise the watertight integrity of a roof system.

A leaky roof can cause some serious problems especially in hot and humid climates like Florida. To prevent water damage, our Florida commercial painting contractors advise the owners, managers and operators of commercial properties to be on the lookout for roof leaks. This is critical because ignoring roof leaks can have unexpected consequences, such as:

  • Water damage When ignored, roof leaks can be a source of constant water intrusion, which will ultimately cause costly damage on its way down to the foundation of the building.

    In a nutshell, a leaking roof can damage everything, from ceilings, walls and floors to wall framing, insulation, coating systems and wood components like trim, door and window frames.

    This basically means that instead of dealing with just one problem, commercial facility owners and managers might need to address a variety of defects, including:

    – unsightly stains and discoloration;
    – bubbling or peeling paint;
    – musty smells, mold growth, dry rot and irreversible drywall damage;
    – tiles becoming detached from substrates and falling off walls, potentially causing further damage;
    electrical system fault causing a short in the wiring and possibly a fire;
    – potential damage to inventory items.

    Furthermore, building insulation that gets wet turns into a conductor. As wet insulation cannot stop cool air from escaping through the walls, you will need to spend more money in order to keep your facility cool in the summer.

  • Pest infestations – Roofing materials that deteriorate due to temperature fluctuations and weather conditions are among the most common causes of roof leaks indicated by Florida commercial painting contractors.

    Even a small crack or hole can allow pest organisms like fungi and termites to enter a commercial facility. Since these pests feed on different building materials and thrive in humid environments, a minor roof leak in an inconspicuous spot followed by a small pest infestation can become a major problem in just a few weeks.

  • Mold growth – According to FEMA, roof leaks can promote mold growth. Florida commercial painting contractors warn that the high cost of mold removal and remediation is just one facet of the problem; potential building code violations represent the other facet that needs to be considered.
  • Health and safety risks – Wet building materials can create an unhealthy environment because they are a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Left to proliferate throughout a building, mold can turn into a severe fungal contamination that may cause adverse health effects.

    Additionally, having water dripping on the floor every time it rains can create an unexpected slip and fall hazard.

  • Operational downtime – While it can be tempting to put off roof inspections and maintenance done by professional Florida commercial painting contractors, neglecting your roof is a one-way ticket to its replacement. In addition to the costs you’ll incur, a leaking roof can force you to shut down your operations for several days or weeks, depending on the extent of the problem.

An old, worn-out and improperly maintained roof just spells disaster in the long run and can be a hazard to building occupants. The easiest way to prevent unexpected and undesirable consequences is to enlist the services of experienced Florida commercial painting contractors.

Professional commercial painters are able to properly inspect a commercial property, indicate all the repairs that require immediate attention and develop a comprehensive maintenance plan that can keep your commercial facility in tip-top shape from “head to toes.”

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