With hurricane season upon us (June 1 – Nov 30), here are some fascinating facts to know about hurricanes.

  • The word hurricane comes from the Taino Native American word, hurucane, meaning evil spirit of the wind.
  • Storms that happen over the Northwest Pacific Ocean and west of the International Date Line are called typhoons. Hurricanes near Australia and in the Indian Ocean are called tropical cyclones. Australians call them Willy-Willies.
  • Most people who die in hurricanes are killed by the towering walls of sea water that comes inland.
  • The planet Jupiter has a hurricane which has been going on for over 300 years, it is the red spot. This hurricane on Jupiter is bigger than the Earth itself.
  • When a hurricane is especially devastating, its name is permanently retired and another name replaces it.
  • Bangladesh was created from a hurricane. In 1970, this region of Pakistan was struck by a cyclone and 500,000 people died. The people felt their government did not do enough to help after the disaster so in 1971, they voted to be independent of Pakistan and Bangladesh was born.
  • Taping your windows in preparation for a hurricane is a waste of time and money. Tape does not strengthening the glass. Flying debris will smash a taped window as if the tape wasn’t there.

Jacksonville Hurricane Facts

  • Longest gap between storms in Jacksonville: 10 years 1985-1996
  • How often this area gets affectedbrushed or hit every 2.53 years
  • Last affected (within 60 miles)2008 Aug 21st & 22nd Tropical Storm Fay moves inland just south of here with 60mph winds moving slowly while causing heavy flooding.
  • Statistically when this area should be affected next – before the end of 2011 (http://www.hurricanecity.com/city/jacksonville.htm)
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