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Many business professionals get very enthusiastic when planning an exterior painting project, and for good reason. After all, who wouldn’t want a new paint job and a trendy color palette that can make any business look its best? But the initial enthusiasm fades away quite quickly when they hear the words “exterior maintenance.”

Yet periodic maintenance is key to getting a good-looking and long-lasting exterior paint job. In a nutshell, maintaining the integrity of the building envelope doesn’t just extend the life of exterior coatings and prolong the time between paint jobs; it keeps moisture and mold at bay too.

Our experienced exterior painting contractors in Florida explain that keeping water and moisture out of a building can prevent the formation of a moist environment, which will keep mildew, mold, dry rot and pests out as well.

Although even the most experienced exterior painting contractors cannot guarantee a mold-free commercial building in the hot, humid weather of Florida, routinely maintaining exterior surfaces can help prevent many of the problems caused by moisture and water in buildings. Here’s how.

Exterior Painting Contractors Perform Routine Inspections

A paint maintenance program developed and implemented by professional exterior painting contractors involves a series of inspections at regular intervals. During inspections, experienced commercial painters in Florida will carry out a visual assessment of all the areas, looking for:

  • cosmetic defects;
  • cracks, holes and efflorescence;
  • coatings, siding or cladding materials that appear to be detaching;
  • signs that might indicate the presence of moisture in building components;
  • extensive water damage and structural problems like significant misalignment in wall assemblies.

If any problems are identified, the painting contractors will find their sources, evaluate their extent and indicate proper remedial measures. After taking the necessary steps to fix all the problems, the professionals will recommend the best coating solutions for the exterior and interior surfaces affected.

To avoid significant damage to the building, you should also have your commercial facility inspected immediately following high winds, hail, torrential rains and hurricanes.

Exterior Painting Contractors Fix Defects in the Building Envelope

Defects like hairline cracks and small holes can facilitate the passage of water and moisture through walls. According to our exterior painting contractors, the building materials that wear out quickly are the prime culprits for the small cracks and holes that usually develop in the building envelope.

Take sealants for example. Typically used to seal the transitions and terminations of wall systems and the joints between walls and different elements like window frames and flashings, sealants deteriorate due to exposure to UV rays, moisture, water, and repeated expansion and contraction.

Damaged sealants that aren’t completely watertight might lead to insidious leaks that can hardly be noticed by an untrained eye. If this happens, you’re just one step away from water damage, fungal contamination and pest infestation.

Since exterior maintenance carried out by exterior painting contractors limits the amount of moisture and water that can get into your commercial facility, the first and most impactful step you can take to prevent potential water-related deterioration is to hire a team of experienced professionals.

When it comes to exterior maintenance, a word should also be said about waterproofing and mold-resistant finishes. Today, Florida commercial painters can find a wide range of waterproofing, mold-resistant paints and coatings that play a significant role in keeping buildings dry, healthy and safe, irrespective of their location.

To learn more about the importance of periodic maintenance and good building practices that can extend the service life of your current paint job, feel free to get in touch with Performance Painting Contractors by calling (904)-641-4800. 

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