Office_After_Pic..jpgToward the end of each year, interior designers set the next year’s color trends. A lesser-known fact is that painters also contribute to interior design trends. By reinventing different painting techniques, painters give homeowners new ways to create unique, chic and beautiful interiors. Since wall design is one of the elements people use to upgrade their living spaces, below are a few wall decorating tips that can help you turn your blank painted walls into instant eye catchers for a more stylish, trendy decor.

Decorating Techniques
This year, you can use different wall painting techniques to transform your interior into an extravagant, vibrant living space. But for a truly unique appearance, our professionals advise you to go beyond basic painting techniques and use decorative wall panels to create amazing 3D visual effects. From steel to bamboo, decorative wall panels are a great way to upgrade your empty painted walls and add a touch of sophistication to your interior. Since decorating with metallics is a new interior design trend, metallic decorative wall panels will give your living space a modern twist.

Natural Materials
“Natural” is one of the few words that will transform our living spaces in 2016. From accent walls dressed up with stone or wood to painted walls complemented with hemp string art, natural materials can help you create a stunning effect in any room.

Wall Murals
If you have an eye for design and beauty, the best possible way to embellish your blank walls is to paint a mural. Using the latest color trends to paint a favorite character or scene on a wall is a great way to bring life into your modern interior. For instance, you can opt for different shades and tints of new neutrals to paint a beautiful beach-themed mural.

Striped Accent Wall
Though stripes can be overwhelming when used across large areas, a striped accent wall can add energy and a feeling of motion to any space. You can use paint or different materials, such as designer fabrics, metallic grasscloth or wood boards, to create a striped accent wall and make a bold interior design statement.

Chinese Red Wall
If you have no talent but love to paint, painting a wall red is the easiest and most inexpensive way to grace your interior decor. To convey a stronger sense of depth, choose a vibrant, high-gloss Chinese red paint, apply several coats and paint the other walls a complementary color like off white, light beige, or soft grey.

Wall Decals
With wall decals, you can create wall art that mimics classy canvas prints, which are again fashionable. What’s more, decorative wall decals allow you to transform your painted walls into rich, classy canvases without the hassle of manually painting intricate designs or applying wallpaper. For a more stylish and sophisticated appearance, choose wall decals in contrasting or complementary colors. For instance, you could use black or red decals on white walls, silver decals on dark grey walls, light turquoise decals on dark blue walls and so on. You can also apply decorative wall decals to your ceiling instead of walls.

Wall decorating is both an art and a science, requiring a lot of knowledge and experience. If you’re afraid to tackle a DIY wall decorating project, the best thing to do is to contact us at Performance Painting. Our experienced professionals are able to offer outstanding color consultation and painting services so that you can finally discover the beauty residing in your walls.

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