Although wood can swell and crack due to weather extremes, including very high and low temperatures, wind, and moisture, wet or dry rot is one of the most serious, common, yet often overlooked structural problems encountered during painting projects. Typically caused by certain types of fungus that digest damp wood, wet or dry rot can affect the entire wood structure in your home. To avoid major structural damage, repairing and replacing rotten wood is critical. Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself or hire a separate contractor to take care of this aspect. That’s because most Florida house painters will repair or replace rotten wood as part of the painting process.

deckWood Restoration and Replacement: Doing It the Right Way

Sometimes, small areas of rotten wood can be cleaned out, treated with special substances, and then repainted without replacing the entire woodwork. When wood restoration is a viable option, painters use special epoxy compounds, which can help stop further rot, restore damaged wood, and add a layer of protection that makes wood structures more durable. A great advantage of using epoxy compounds is that repairs can be completed within several hours. Although it’s more economical to restore or replace small portions of wood, there are times when rotten boards must be completely eliminated to prevent rot from spreading to other areas.

Finding unexpected rotten wood can slow down your painting project. However, most Florida house painters collaborate with licensed and experienced carpenters, who can remedy any wood rotting issues in an expeditious manner so that your painting project will move forward without significant delays. A good carpenter can repair or replace a door threshold, window frames, various trim and fascia boards, stairs, spindles, railing, etc.

To help homeowners address and solve wood rot and associated problems the right way, Florida house painters fully inspect each property. They usually walk around homes to visually examine doors, windows, and soffit, noting down all the areas that seem structurally unsound. If wet or dry rot is detected, contractors will come up with modern repair techniques that guarantee the best results. Most of these techniques imply using composites that never rot, can hold paint, and require virtually no maintenance.

Whether your exterior woodwork only needs to be refinished, repainted, repaired, or completely replaced, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional painter. While most carpentry contractors only repair woodwork, without properly sealing and painting wood surfaces, the best painting companies provide complete services. These companies not only offer color-consultation, design, wall preparation, and painting services; they also repair and replace rotten wood and stucco, restore windows and doors, and seal, stain, and paint new wood surfaces. If you hire a reputable painting company, you can rest assured that everything is done by the book, so you don’t have to call a separate contractor to finish where the previous one left off.

There are many exterior surfaces that can suffer from wood damage. But if you choose the best Florida house painters to handle your project, you can expect nothing but the highest quality work, regardless of the condition of your exterior woodwork.

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