A small chill is in the air, the days are shorter, dad is dreaming of leftover turkey sandwiches and kids are trying to ‘be good for goodness sake’. What does all this mean?

The Holiday Season is upon us again and time to think about whose house will host the festivities. Since most of us gather around a hearty meal to celebrate with friends and family, why not dress up the dining room to maximize the memories. You may just be surprised at how these simple tips below can really make a big difference.

Warm up the room. If you are looking for an easy change that makes a big impact, think of the colors on your dining room walls. With the right dining room colors you can make the dining room look cozy and inviting and a place where you can relax and entertain your friends. Studies have shown that color can affect mood. Warm colors from the red part of the spectrum reflect an attractive hue on the faces of diners and seem to stimulate appetites for food and conversation. Although calming; blues, violets and purples should be avoided as they tend to suppress food cravings and social interaction.

Dress up the furniture. If you really want the dining room to sizzle, add some small touches to your furniture. Slip covers for dining room chairs can be purchased or created with a small budget but can have a big impact. Consider changing the shades on your chandelier to ones more colorful or dramatic; try to match the slip covers and table cloth for a unified effect. Even draping some holiday berries and greenery (faux works best and is reusable) over the arms of the chandelier will make it more festive.

Accessorize and embellish. Now that you have the main color scheme, little touches can really set the tone for merry making. Make a festive focal point by hanging some holiday artwork around a wreath made of unwrapped candy canes and red Christmas baubles glued onto simple Styrofoam ring. Cranberries, toothpicks and a Styrofoam ball is all that you need to make a festive centerpiece for the table; try making different sizes and elevating by sitting them on candle holders. Set the table with some colorful themed plates and flatware matched to the particular holiday. All of these techniques can be done in very little time and are sure to get the party started. Having a warm festive environment will help create lasting memories and great fodder for the photo albums for years to come.

Here is wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday season.

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