PAINTINGidea.jpgComing up with unique wall painting ideas isn’t easy. But this task gets even more complicated if you live in a community with a homeowners’ association. Though most HOAs are great to work with, a painting project must comply with specific aesthetic and environmental standards to be approved by the HOA board.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Exterior

Color selection is the first consideration of a HOA painting project. Since we know how difficult it is to choose a color palette that goes beyond the ordinary yet, provides aesthetic value and meets certain guidelines, here are some creative wall painting ideas from our Florida painting experts.

  • Gloss instead of Matte – Most HOAs are struggling to keep up with the latest paint color trends. Since 2016 will be the year of happy colors, stunning metals and gloss finishes, you can use these new trends to persuade your HOA to approve a satin or semi gloss paint instead of a flat finish. Besides being trendy, gloss paint reflects more light, which means it can make any exterior look more glamorous, chic and appealing. It’s also more durable and stands up much better to washing than flat paints. If your HOA rejects the idea of using a satin or semi gloss finish, we advise you to get an elastomeric-modified matte paint. Since elastomeric coatings blend acrylic polymers, special pigments and adhesive agents, they’re more flexible and durable, and provide a more uniform finish, better chalk resistance and superior color retention compared to regular acrylic latex paints.
  • Pastels instead of Strong Colors Living in a community governed by a HOA means that you have to check the rules about acceptable colors every time you repaint your home’s exterior. If you need to follow a particular “mix-and-match” color scheme but no tints, tones or shades are specified (e.g. earth-tone paint colors for the house, white for the trim and orange as accent), you should definitely go with pastels, according to our Florida painting professionals. Why? Because only these colors can bring that fantastic optimistic energy and artistic vibe you may be looking for to jazz up your exterior. Regardless of the tints, tones and shades you intend to use, make sure the end result will harmonize perfectly with the surrounding area.
  • Gorgeous Accents – Enhancing architectural features, accents have a significant impact on the overall appearance of buildings and their market value. Besides aesthetic considerations, be sure to check with your HOA to better understand what your creative limitations are before you select a paint color to use as an accent. If you’re on your own for choosing accents, our Florida painting experts recommend that you browse the latest color trends and opt for a gorgeous accent that will help you breathe new life and modernism into your home. A beautiful color like muted red, rust, creamy orange or olive can turn your home into a better version of itself.

HOAs typically approve color schemes that are pleasing to the eye and integrate seamlessly into the environment. If the current approved paint palette is dull and lifeless, one thing you can do is to volunteer for your association and start a committee that will evaluate exiting color rules, research new, more creative exterior painting ideas and come up with a proposal for changes to the existing guidelines.

In addition, you can contact our Florida painting experts who will be glad to provide professional color consultations to ease the burden of selecting colors and working with your HOA. Besides coming up with a variety of color schemes that comply with particular requirements, our professional painters are willing to communicate and work directly with any homeowner involved in a HOA painting project – this is something that not all painting companies do. To reach out directly to our friendly advisers with any questions or concerns you may have, call (904)-641-4800 or email [email protected].

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